Photography Wonder!

16 Oct

Photography Wonder

A new website with a public launch TODAY (October 8th, 2010)!  What’s it all about?  At it’s heart it’s a ‘question and answer resource’ for photographers… with a twist.

Users can ask, answer and most importantly VOTE on the best content! Someone posts a question and multiple people give an answer.  The answers with the most votes rise to the top (literally).  Old questions can be searched, new questions can be asked, or you can just browse all the past answers made by your favorite photographer.

I invite anyone interested in photography (photography of ALL types) to sign-up (it’s free) and start making some connections on what I expect to become a fantastic photography resource.

You can check out Jake Garn’s answer to the age-old question: “How do you find a models.”  Don’t forget to vote for it!  🙂

Jake Garn Photography

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