DVX100B+Redrock M2+Nikkor

13 Nov

This is some test footage of the first time my brother and I hooked up my Redrock M2 and follow-focus rig with some Nikon 35mm lenses I got a good deal on off of ebay. I’d been waiting months for it to arrive so it was a pretty exciting day. The camera used with the adapter was a Panasonic DVX-100, 24P DV camera and the documenting camera was my Sony PC1000. For the purposes of the test and to further differentiate the look of normal camcorder results with those attempting to emulate the look of 35mm photography the Panasonic is also mounted to my Varizoom shoulder stabilizer to help deal with the added weight, since movie cameras are also much heavier. The footage isn’t spectacular in and of itself. At this time getting used to a follow-focus and the differences in exposure and depth-of-field were what we were interested in. With only a quick-and-eager calibration we were very pleased with the results.

This is my third Unboxing video and this time its my first Digital SLR camera, the Nikon D40 and the Nikkor 18-55mm VR lens. It is a very good beginner/amateur DSLR, has tons of features and is very easy to use. The Help menu is a blessing to every beginner!!! Sorry about my poor voice; after a hard day’s work my energy meter was a bit low. I would really appreciate if you could limit your comments to the camera/lens.. Any positive or constructive criticism is also appreciated. Disclaimer: This video is not meant promote any product, and the views expressed are solely my own.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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