RuneScape – D3x Und3f1n3’s Youtube intro

10 Jan

Music: Hirano Aya – Kaze Yomi Ribbon (no English lyrics available at the moment) Here’s my personal submission for my YouTube Channel Intro, a little compilation with some of the things you may find for shits and giggles in RuneScape or weird things with certain actions in RuneScape upon my character. 😛 Besides, that’s my instinct. I’m just doing what I do best. ^^ FAQ: ——- Q: How did you do those glitches!? A: I would love to answer that, but most of these glitches are not possible to do anymore as JaGeX has fixed them overtime. Q: How did you get pushed into a trap at a non-wildy area? A: That took place in a PvP world. Q: How the HELL did you made that noob hit 0s with d claws!? A: Using Vesta’s spear’s special attack “Spear wall” immunes you to all melee attacks for 5 seconds. Example when someone specs me with AGS (spear wall applied), the AGS spec will be rendered useless 100% within the 5 second boundary. Trivia: There are a total of three subliminal messages in this video, do you know what they represent? 😛 HINT: They appear within the first minute of the video. Subliminal messages found: #1 “Miku Hatsune + D³×y = LAWLASAURUS! ×]” Found by iThrowback image link: #2 “~CROTCH BUTTER!~” Found by SteelSponge #3 [Unknown] Disclaimers: – I do not own the music used in this video. It is used only for non-profitable entertainment. Runescape is a registered trademark of Jagex LTD. My Runescape videos are made for non-profit entertainment only. If
Video Rating: 5 / 5

1st in Singapore to own the Nikon D3X. Cost a massive SGD000++ but definitely worth it.
Video Rating: 3 / 5


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