Nikon D300 Firmware Update

06 Jan

A “not great” Nikon D300 firmware update video. Nikon has a really complicated page on how to update firmware, so I thought this might be useful as a much simpler version. Here’s a link to Nikon’s own tutorial: and D300 firmware can be downloaded from: But it’s really so much simpler: 1) Download firmware. 2) Double click on it to extract the self extracting zip file. 3) Navigate to “D300Update” folder. 4) Make sure battery is fully charged. 5) Format CF card (not sure that’s even necessary). 6) Set camera’s USB setting (Menu — Setup Menu — USB) to “Mass Storage”. 7) Connect to PC via USB cable. 8) First copy A firmware (ie “A3000110.bin”) to root of your D300s CF card. 9) Apply the update (Menu — Setup Menu — Firmware Version — Update) and shutdown camera when done. 10) Connect to PC again, delete A firmware and repeat steps 8 & 9 for B. 11) Format the CF card and you’re all done. Sorry for the crappy video quality!
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