Nikon D300 Advanced menu walk through 4 of 6, tips, tricks

27 Nov

Correction on the Autofocus Fine Tuning: You can only save one individal model of lens. If you have multiple 105mm lenses the camera will only save one of them. It does provide you with a way to number the lens though (for example the last two digits of the serial) so you know which lens you have calibrated. You cannot save two different calibrations of the 105mm. The ability to number them from 00 to 99 is for your reference only. Sorry, except for the 10 minute clips this segment is uncut. It’s about an hour total. I walk through the most frequently used features of the D300, and some less frequently used. 4/6 Setup Menu Save/Load settings Non CPU Lens: setting up auto metering/exposure on manual lenses or teleconverters Autofocus Fine Tune Retouch Menu My Menu: Favorite customizations / menu items Shooting 8 FPS without the battery grip for 9 frames using bracketing burst mode. Continued on 5/6
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