nikon d90 vs nikon d300 (which is for you?)

13 Mar

See and buy my Photos at: In this review I try to give people an idea which camera (the nikon d90 or d300) is right for them.
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Sorry, except for the 10 minute clips this segment is uncut. It’s about an hour total. I walk through the most frequently used features of the D300, and some less frequently used. 1/6 Playback Menu Display Mode Highlights Focus Points RGB Histogram Data Image Review: Default off, I set to On Rotate Tall: Default on Shooting Menu Shooting Menu Bank Raw types: 12bit vs 14bit / compressed vs uncompressed Set Picture Control: Vivid vs normal etc Active D-Lighting Long Exposure Noise Reduction High ISO Noise Reduction ISO Sensitivity Settings Live Review: Tripod vs Handeld / Single vs Continious Multiple Exposure: Merge up to 10 photographs Interval Timer: Note that I mean 1.5 hours of finished film at 30 Frames per second is the shutter life. Custom Settings Menu Custom Settings Bank Autofocus Sub Menu AF-C Priority Selection AF-S Priority Selection Dynamic Autofocus Area: 9 point vs 21 vs 51 vs 3d-tracking
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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