IDP TV – Ben Wilmore – The Modulus System

20 Feb

Inside Digital Photo TV – Ben Willmore Explains Think Tank’s Modulus System See Photographer, Photoshop Author, Trainer and Guru of Digital Mastery’s Ben Willmore explain the elements and how to use Think Tank Photo’s unique Modulus Belt System. Ben shows how this unique and flexible camera gear helps him access and change to the the right lens for each image in seconds ensuring that he never misses the opportunity to capture that perfect shot! Learn more about the Modulus System at: Find out more about Ben’s books, courses and whereabouts at http or
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An impromptu product shot at Foppiano Vineyards in Sonoma County, Ca. This session preceded the weekend Tamron Road series workshop at Shutterbug Camera in Norhern California. We didn’t have all the right lighting gear, but we improvised well enough to get a decent shot of one of their wine bottles. In a conventional studio session, we’d have used much larger diffusion panels…but, sometimes you work with what’s available. Massive reflections in the highly reflective glass bottle were tamed with the use of some off-camera flash units, shot thru a Lastolite EZ Box. A second flash was used to ad brightness to the dark background.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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