Drones are getting more sophisticated with each generation, but even the most advanced models still have one major limitation: battery life. All of those intelligent sensors and camera tech consume power, while at the same time battery capacity and weight have to be well-balanced, resulting in typical flight times of around 20 minutes.

If that’s not enough for your application you have to land the drone, swap the battery and take off again. But while that might be doable (if annoying) when using the drone for filming, in other applications, such as surveying, security or construction it can be even more of a cost factor than in photography.

That’s where the WiBotic PowerPad wireless charging pad for drones comes in.

The PowerPad is a three-foot by three-foot landing pad with integrated wireless charging equipment that, according to its makers, is capable of charging almost any drone. The platform is also weather-resistant, making it suitable for permanent installation and use with drones that run automated flights on a regular basis.

The most basic use is simply as a landing pad that charges your personal drone, but for industrial use it can be use in other, more creative ways. For example, the PowerPad doubles as a waypoint on long-distance flights, allowing drones to land and recharge at intermediate points on their path.

No information on pricing and availability has been released just yet, but we’re sure frequent drone operators would love a a closer look at this one.