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Instagram starts warning users about wildlife abuse when they search certain hashtags

07 Dec

Instagram has announced a new wildlife protection measure following a New York Times report on how some traffickers are using the platform as part of the illicit animal trade. In a blog post published earlier this week, Instagram said that it will start presenting a content advisory screen to users who search for hashtags that are, “associated with harmful behavior to animals or the environment.”

This advisory, shown below, links to both the posts and a page where additional information on the matter is provided. That page, which discusses both environmental considerations and wild animal interactions, further links to TRAFFIC, the World Wildlife Fund, and World Animal Protection agencies.

In addition to encouraging its users not to damage the environment in order to get the perfect shot, Instagram says:

We also encourage you to be mindful of your interactions with wild animals, and consider whether an animal has been smuggled, poached or abused for the sake of tourism. For example, be wary when paying for photo opportunities with exotic animals, as these photos and videos may put endangered animals at risk.

Users who come across a video or photo they believe to be violating Instagram’s guidelines on this matter are urged to report it. The company explicitly states that it does not allow endangered animals to be sold via its platform, nor does it allow content featuring animal abuse.

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New Sony a9 firmware fixes overheating warning

08 Jun

Over the last few days we have seen reports from photographers who had an overheating warning icon appear on the camera display when shooting with the Sony a9 in warmer weather or indoors. It appears that in none of the reported cases the camera actually overheated and shut down and it’s Sony’s overheating warning function that is a little bit overzealous.

Sony has now fixed the problem with firmware version 1.01 for the Sony Alpha A9. In the change log it simply says ‘This utility updates the camera firmware to version 1.01 and improves the overheating warning functionality.’ You can select your operating system and download the firmware from the Sony support website now.

Have you had issues with the a9’s overheating warning? Has the problem been solved by the new firmware? Let us know in the comments.

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Warning: Avoid This Scam Targeting Photographers

07 Jun

Over at All Things Photo, I’ve shared a video detailing a scam targeting photographers selling prints online. Also included in the video are 7 tips to avoid being scammed online. While the video is on the long side it’s worth a listen to protect yourself and learn the limitations of fraud protection with your bank and insurance companies. If you’re driving you can also listen to the podcast recording via the All Things Photo podcast.

If you haven’t already I welcome you to follow All Things Photo on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

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The Warning: Murals Painted On Fragments of a Melting Glacier

17 Nov

[ By Steph in Art & Installation & Sound. ]

the warning mural 1

The face of a giant bathing woman seems to rise up from the icy waters of an undisclosed Arctic location beside the fragmented remains of a rapidly melting glacier, snow-capped mountains in the distance. That there are no other obvious signs of human activity in the lonely landscape scene only reinforces the sense that this figure is out of place. For Sean Yoro, the surfboard-balancing artist otherwise known as Hula, she’s putting a human face on a very pressing global problem.

the warning mural 4

Having built a name for himself painting serene portraits of women in waterside locations and even onto the rusting remains of an abandoned ship, Yoro impresses both with his skills as an artist and the novelty of his method. While he normally paints in situ, this new setting required a different approach, and he painted on acrylic panels instead, mounting them on chunks of ice.

the warning mural 3

the warning ural 6

The paintings are designed to dissolve over time (presumably in a way that won’t harm the environment, given the earth-centric message of this piece), highlighting the time-sensitive nature of this issue.

the warning mural 5

“In the short time I was there, I witnessed the extreme melting rate first hand as the sound of ice cracking was ac instant background noise while painting,” says Yoro. “Within a few weeks these murals will be forever gone, but for those who find them, I hope they ignite a sense of urgency, as they represent the millions of people in need of our help who are already being afflicted from the rising sea levels of climate change.”

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[ By Steph in Art & Installation & Sound. ]

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Warning: “Strobist” Flashes

28 Jan

There is a disreputable company out of the UK and Australia persistently referring to their flashes as “Strobist Flashes.” Over my protest, they are deliberately implying an association with this site where none exists.

I have zero connection with either these people or their gear. Had they asked for any kind of endorsement, five minutes worth of research would have warned me off any association with them.

Of course, they did not ask. They merely appropriate the name and hope enough people are stupid enough not to know the difference. As such, they are merely using my company’s name and brand to try to get into your pants. Which should tell you all you need to know about the company’s ethics.

The flashes themselves are (surprise) rebranded Chinese mystery meat flashes. For the record, there are no genuine “Strobist” branded flashes. Even the LumoPro LP180, while highly recommended, is not a Strobst-branded flash. For many conflict of interest reasons, I do not sell gear.

I have asked them to stop, to no response. Clearly, they don’t give a whit about IP. Although they do of course claim copyright over the content of their site, natch. Intellectual property is important—when it suits them.

Please do not infer any type of endorsement of these (at best) bozos. I obviously do not trust them as far as I can throw them.


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25 Nov In make up for ever’s defence this was designed for HD filming and not photography so they never said “looks amazing in photographs” but clearly the proof is in the pudding and this stuff doesn’t look good. Remember that i used a LARGE amount, so when a small amount is used – as the company states – this result does not happen. Does this mean that this powder is not good? No. It’s a great powder but one that you should be careful of when you use for flash photography if used to heavily. I used the same amount of product (ish) with both the HD powder and the Super Matte Loose Powder. The Super Matte Loose left no powder residue at all, just normal looking skin and I used a very light (nearly white) shade. So, what d’ya think? Do you feel let down? Do you love this stuff? Tell me your thoughts. NOTE: I applied this to Mandy and friends on many many occasions and they all loved it. So I guess, to each his/her own. Some pictures where taken and no white marks were visible – but remember i applied a very small amount. No heavy application like in this video. Sometimes the most beautiful makeup doesn’t last as long and i think accepting this rather than trying to fight it goes a long long way to getting great results! ps – How unflattering was that photo! Still wanna marry me now? Ha! double note: I have been asked this now too many times so i’ll answer on here. MAC’s Prep and Prime powder does not leave the same tell tell sign behind as HD powder. I tested it
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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WARNING: How To Do Burning Man Video

03 Nov

Check out the full article here: Benjamin Jenks makes a Burning Man Video with tips and advice for new “burners” to get the most from their experience. Music: Que Beats, “Stutter Step” Shot: GoPro Hero & Nikon d5100 Edited: Final Cut Pro X
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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