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Just Pull Some Strings: 8 Easy Transforming Furniture Designs for Lazy People

21 Mar

[ By SA Rogers in Design & Furniture & Decor. ]

gesture controlled transforming furniture

When you’re lazy, even the most intuitive transforming furniture isn’t easy enough to operate unless it’s on the same level as clapping your lights on and off. Luckily for those of us who fall into this category, some furniture makers are creating multifunctional designs for small spaces that work their magic at the push of a button, the pull of a string, a flick of the wrist or even a mere gesture.

Retractible Ollie Chair by RockPaperRobot

ollie chair gif

ollie chair flat pack

ollie chair

ollie chair

You really have to watch the video of how this chair works to fully appreciate its brilliant simplicity. It starts as an entirely flat panel of slatted teak wood with a slight curve at the top. Pick it up, pull a string and the whole thing unfurls into a seat in a single fluid motion that’s very satisfying to watch, and it works the same way in reverse. The slats are affixed to a textile canvas to make the seating flexible, and the rest takes folding inspiration from origami.

A-Board Flat-Pack Shelf


a-board 2

This bookshelf starts as a flat piece of laser-cut plywood. Yang the orange ribbon on the back, and it will pull the shelves down perpendicular to the face so you can rest the whole thing against a wall and use it as a bookshelf. Designer Tomas Schön used a laser-cutting technique to bend the wood instead of hinges, and there’s no other hardware or even glue involved.

MIT Media Lab CityHome

MIT cityhome

MIT cityhome 2

MIT cityhome 3

Still not easy enough for you? How about commanding your bed to slide out with a gesture of your hands? MIT’s robotic ‘home in a box’ can pack a full, spacious-feeling apartment into 200 square feet of space, including a bed, workspace, dining table for dix, storage and a mini kitchen. The box uses built-in sensors, motors, LED lights and low-friction rollers to respond to your voice commands or gestures.

Ori Robotic Home Controlled via Smartphone App

ori robotic home

ori robotic home 2

ori robotic home 3

There are all sorts of complex transforming furniture systems designed to fit maximum function into small spaces, but how many of them are operated through a smartphone app? The Ori system (taking its name from the prefix of ‘origami’) runs on robotic technology, featuring an on-device user interface as well as an app for your handheld device so you can press a button to initiate various configurations, like the bed sliding out, the table folding down or the entire unit moving to tuck itself against a wall to open up the floor area.

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Just Pull Some Strings 8 Easy Transforming Furniture Designs For Lazy People

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[ By SA Rogers in Design & Furniture & Decor. ]

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The City is a Canvas: 31 Murals Transforming Urban Spaces

22 Nov

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ]


Psychedelic portals beckon you to enter another dimension, sea monsters lurk at the bottom of the stairs and illustrated figures playfully interact with urban infrastructure in works of art that bring color, levity and natural imagery to urban environments.

Sea Monster Stair Steps by Skurk



The creepy sea creature lurking at the base of these stairs is enough to make anyone nervous, even in broad daylight – but just wait until the sun goes down. Street artist Skurk used two existing lamps affixed to the building’s exterior as the eye and lure of an anglerfish to terrifying and delightful effect.

Site-Specific Wheatpastes by Levalet





Paris-based artist Levalet (Charles Leval) works with existing textures, colors and fixtures in urban environments to create playful site-specific works of art. Some are playful, some are a bit disturbing, but all of them pair sketched human and animal figures with fountain heads, drains, windows, utility boxes, staircases and other elements of the city.

Massive Murals in Italy by Millo




An illustrative black-and-white style accented by carefully chosen splashes of bold color characterizes the ground-to-roof murals painted onto buildings by Italian street artist Millo.

Giant Bees by Matthew Willey




50,000 bees now adorn surfaces around the world as part of the Good of the Hive Initiative, a project by artist Matt Willey aiming to raise awareness about the plight of the honey bee. Willey traveled all over the globe to paint a few dozen bees at a time in each location, with the goal number representing how many bees it takes to sustain a healthy hive.

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The City Is A Canvas 31 Murals Transforming Urban Spaces

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[ By SA Rogers in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ]

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Small Space Shape Shifters: 13 Transforming Furniture Designs

26 May

Bed-Up Space-Saving Furniture


Almost no space is too small to live in when you’ve got furniture that lowers from the ceiling, pulls out of the walls, transforms for multiple functions or even folds up flat to hang in the closet like clothing. These smart space-saving furniture designs cram maximum use into the most compact packages, often with beautiful, modern results. You’ll never look at a metal storage trunk the same way again.

Bunk Bed Sofa

space saving bunk bed sofa 1

space saving bunk bed sofa 3

space saving bunk bed sofa 2


This is more than just a sofa bed – there are actually two beds hiding within its sleek contours thanks to a brilliant folding design. The Doc is a sofa by day, bunk bed by night, creating sleeping space for two guests in seconds.

Furniture Functions Hidden in Metal Crates

transforming furniture metal crates

transforming furniture metal crates 2

transforming furniture metal crates 3

Traveling artists and other restless types can tote an entire studio apartment full of furniture with them quickly and easily with these mobile objects that transform into rugged metal crates on wheels. Designer Naihan Lee, an artist who has had to move often while living in Beijing, created the ‘Crates’ series to ensure that she would have beautiful, high quality furniture no matter where she ends up. The portable units include a bookshelf, single sofa, tea table, mobile bar, entertainment center, kitchen unit and writing desk.

Shape-Shifting Chair

space saving exocet chair

space saving exocet chair 2

space saving exocet chair 3

space saving exocet chair 4

Better at conforming to the human body in any single position than the traditionally-shaped chairs humans have been using for thousands of years, the Exocet features two wooden ‘wings’ on a rotating steel axis that interlace to create virtually limitless sitting and lounging possibilities. Use it as a stool, a lounge chair, a high-back chair, a floor mat, a recliner, a seat for two or whatever else you can come up with.

Bed Hidden in a Desk

space saving bed in a desk

space saving bed in a desk 2

Even once you learned that this desk isn’t what it appears, you might imagine that it would be a pain to remove everything from its surfaces before transforming it into a bed. But the Hiddenbed system unfolds in a way that rests the desk surface on the floor beneath the mattress, leaving everything intact, including power cords. When you decide you want to lay down, it takes just a few seconds to pull out a couple pins and unfold it. Pillows even stay in place when you put the bed back up.

Transforming Tiny Apartment

space saving tiny apartment 1

space saving tiny apartment 2

space saving tiny apartment 3

space saving tiny apartment 4

space saving tiny apartment 5

All sorts of tricks hide behind the surfaces of this 290-square-foot apartment in Brazil, custom-made by architect Fabio Cherman for his own use. Features include a compact sofa bed that uses a wall shelf as support (again, leaving your displayed objects intact), and on the other side of the room, there’s a wall panel that folds down to become a tabletop or a guest bed.


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Sound Sculptures: Music Translated Into Transforming Objects

03 Dec

[ By Steph in Gadgets & Geekery & Technology. ]

sound sculptures 1

An experiment in intentional synesthesia, this combination of sculpture, music and technology enables us to actually see the physical form of individual songs. ‘Reify’ is a collaborative project that creates a new way to experience music, transforming it into a tangible object that transforms before our eyes. So-called ‘totems’ are made to visually represent an artist’s song, and encoded with music and interactive visual experiences that can be viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

sound sculptures 2

Musicians, sculptors and app designers got together to build a platform that lets artists express their music in physical form. Each totem is a sculptural object in its own right, entirely unique in shape, 3D-printed from plastic or cast in bronze. Simply gazing upon these visual translations of sound is cool enough, but then comes the app that truly brings them to life.

sound sculptures 3 sound sculptures 4

Load up the Stylus app, point your mobile device at the totem and you’ll be treated to an interactive visual experience that plays along with the song. “Each experience is unique in style and content,” say the designers. “Some are game-like. Some are conceptual explorations. Others are both… and neither. All are direct expressions of the artist’s creative vision.”

sound sculptures 5 sound sculptures 6

While a Kickstarter campaign held in July didn’t raise enough funds to move forward with the project, it’s a really cool look into how various forms of creative expression will continue to evolve along with technology, and the potential for more crossover. Check out another cool project exploring what music looks like in 3D.

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[ By Steph in Gadgets & Geekery & Technology. ]

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Architecturally Alive: 16 Transforming Kinetic Buildings

14 Jul

[ By Steph in Architecture & Cities & Urbanism. ]

moving architecture kundig 2

Will the cities of tomorrow be filled with intelligent kinetic architecture that moves and transforms of its own accord, as if it has a life of its own? The designers of these 16 structures seem to think so, whether they’re making use of ancient pulley-powered systems or engineering remarkably responsive auto-adaptations to change the look of a structure, shield it from the sun, or make it seem like a living creature in a bid to foster deeper connections between humans and architecture.

Adaptable Snow Cone Lifeguard Station

moving architecture snow cone 1

moving architecture snow cone 2

movign architecture snow cone 3

Modeled on a pine cone, this lifeguard post by RAW Design, Ferris + Associates and Curio adapts to weather conditions on Toronto beaches. The white ‘petals’ can move to either offer shade during the hot summer months or to collect snow in the winter for extra insulation. The petals can also be retracted on one side and closed on the other to guard against heavy winds but still let sunshine in. It was fabricated in three weeks and then re-assembled on-site within 6 hours.

Penumbra Adaptive Window Shading System

kinetic facade 1

moving architecture penumbra 3

moving architecture penumbra 2

The Penumbra system by Tyler Short is “designed to offer a kinetic and mechanical solution to a problem that would otherwise be nearly impossible to solve with static architectural components: providing shading across a building facade for both low evening sun and high afternoon sun conditions.” The various kinetic elements of the shade system can shift in different ways to deflect light as needed.

Moving Parts by Olson Kundig Architects

moving architecture kundig 4

moving architecture kundig 5

moving architecture delta shelter

moving architecture delta shelter 2

Architect: Tom Kundig

Architect: Tom Kundig

Architect: Tom Kundig

Architect: Tom Kundig

A home with a roof that opens vertically, an art gallery with a hoist-and-pulley facade and a ‘virtually indestructible’ cabin with operable steel panels are among the kinetic projects by Tom Kundig of the firm Olson Kundig. The architect says early exposure to mining, logging and farming industries led to a lifelong fascination with machinery, which he has integrated into all sorts of architectural projects. The idea is to move something large using very little energy, encouraging user participation in the transformation of the space in concert with geometry and physics.

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Architecture Thats Alive 16 Transforming Kinetic Buildings

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[ By Steph in Architecture & Cities & Urbanism. ]

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Adaptive Architecture: 12 Transforming, Breathing Buildings

12 Mar

[ By Steph in Architecture & Houses & Residential. ]

transforming buildings sliding house 2

The exterior walls of homes slide back to reveal transparent volumes, the facade of a parking garage ripples like the surface of a nearby river and individual rooms rise high into the sky at the push of a button in these transforming, adapting, kinetic works of architecture.

Kinetic Parking Garage Facade

transforming buildings kinetic garage 1

transforming buildings kinetic facade 2

The entire 8-story facade of the Brisbane airport seems to ripple like a vertical body of water thanks to the kinetic effects of 118,000 suspended aluminum panels that shift in the wind. A collaboration between American artist Ned Kahn and Hassell Architecture, the installation makes reference to the city’s most iconic natural feature, the Brisbane River. In addition to its visual appeal, it provides shade to the inside of a parking garage.

Sliding House by DRMM

transforming buildings sliding house 1

transforming buildings sliding house 3

transforming buildings sliding house 4

An ordinary-looking residence in the archetypal gabled house shape reveals itself to be a kinetic work of astonishing genius, almost like a performance piece in itself, when the protective outer wood facade slides forward to open a transparent volume to the sky and create new indoor/outdoor spaces. The 20-ton mobile roof/wall structure traverses the site, creating new combinations of living spaces depending on how far it’s pushed on its tracks via electric motors. The tracks could even be extended further in the future to accommodate an indoor/outdoor swimming pool, if the clients desire.

Cafe-restaurant OPEN, Amsterdam by de Architekten Cie

transforming buildings cafe 1

transforming buildings cafe 2

cafe buildings transforming 4

The accordion-like pivoting windows on this unusual reclaimed restaurant in Amsterdam transform the facade in wave-like patterns when they are opened in certain ways, adding visual interest to what would otherwise simply be a steel and glass box. De Architekten Cie built the restaurant upon one of the last surviving pivot railway bridges in the Netherlands, making use of a striking historic feature with panoramic views.

Shapeshifting Sharifi-Ha House


transforming buildings sharifi-ha 2

Three dynamic inner volumes sheathed in wood pivot nearly 360 degrees within a concrete shell at the Sharifi-Ha House in Tehran by design firm nextoffice, orienting these rooms in new ways to provide varying degrees of natural daylight and privacy. The push of a button sends the guest room, home office or dining room cantilevering out over the street, spinning to face a new direction or pulling them protectively back into the envelope. When facing straight out, they open up new terraces on each level.

Elevating Towers on Villa Hush Hush

transforming buildings hushhush 1

transforming buildings villa hushhush 2

transforming buildings villa hushhush 3

Sections of this incredible morphing home by Marks Barfield Architects can go from ground level to high up in the sky within minutes. Push a button and two of Villa Hush Hush’s four rectangular zones elevate far above the canopy of the adjacent forest, up to 130 feet into the sky.

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Transforming Tables: 16 Smart Space-Saving Surface Designs

13 Jan

[ By Steph in Design & Furniture & Decor. ]

Space Saving Tables by Resource Furniture (animation)

In increasingly small urban apartments where every inch counts, a piece of furniture that transforms from a coffee table to a dining table in seconds, hides a lot of storage or folds up to just one inch thick can open up a lot of usable space. These transforming table designs completely rethink the simple surface, sometimes using complex engineering to expand and contract.

Coffee to Dinner Tables by Ozzio Design

transforming tables ozzio 1

transforming tables ozzio 2

Anyone with a tiny studio apartment can appreciate the convenience of a piece of furniture that functions as a coffee table for most of the day, but raises up to dining level when needed. These two convertible tables by Ozzio look clean and modern, have adjustable heights and come in various colors and sizes for maximum adaptability.

Tree Ring Table Cuts Itself in Half

transforming tables tree 1

transforming table tree 2

A table that resembles the cross-section of a tree trunk when compact and placed against a wall opens up to become fully round, a third leg swinging to the side to offer support. Designer Isariya Boon took inspiration from onion rings to create this hardwood and steel table with multiple personalities.

Flip Table Hides Six Stools

transforming tables flip 1

transforming table flip 2

The wooden casing of the Flip coffee table opens up to become a three-sided dining table, the storage underneath transforming into six stools.

Kaleidoscopic Capstan Table Spins to Enlarge

transforming tables capstan

Is this the world’s most highly-engineered dining table? The Fletcher Capstan features six wedge-shaped leaves that pull back to reveal a star shape that grows as the table expands from about 6.5 feet across to a maximum width of 30 feet. The process of transforming it is almost like a performance as the table opens to show off its inner components.

The Daily Shelter: Table to Child’s Fort

transforming tables wood house 1

transforming tables wood house 2

Only those who ‘know its secrets’ would ever guess that this ordinary-looking dining table by Ingrid Brandth doubles as a tiny house. Says the designer, “… it can be transformed into a shelter where one can hide from scary sounds, ghosts or family members. Just like a snail feels safe in its house.”

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Transforming Tables 16 Smart Space Saving Surface Designs

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Transforming Transit: 13 Compact Scooters, Skates & More

02 Oct

[ By Steph in Technology & Vehicles & Mods. ]

Urban Commuting Chariot Skates 2

Zoom past backed-up traffic and crowded sidewalks on an electric unicycle, motorized skates or a fold-up scooter/backpack combo. Urban personal transit is going electric and ultra-compact so you can reach your destination faster and then pack up your wheels and slide them under your desk or into your locker.

Olaf Scooter Backpack

Urban Commuting Olaf 1

Urban Commuter Olaf 2

The Olaf is a carry-on suitcase, trolley, kick-scooter and skateboard in one, with an instant ‘pedal transformation system’ enabling the switch from one function to the next. It has everything a business traveler needs in a compact, airline-approved suitcase, but it’s also suited for urban commuting, with a soft wooden longboard that flips up and down with a kick of the foot. The creators are currently raising funds on Kickstarter to bring it into production.

Motorized Skates

Urban Commuting Motorized Skates 2.j[g

Urban Commuting Motorized Skates 1

If you find roller blades too dorky or slow to be a real option for travel around the city, maybe you just need a little boost. SpnKiX are motorized skates that strap on over your shoes, operated by a hand-held remote control so you can control your acceleration at the press of a button.

Snap Folding Skateboard

snap skateboard 2 snap skateboard

Skateboards may be portable, but they can be annoying to carry around all day. Enter the ‘SNAP,’ a foldable skateboard designed with students and commuters in mind. The full-sized longboard fits inside any locker with hinges that fold the deck in thirds. According to the designers, dividing the deck in three makes each individual section much stronger and more durable than a full-length wood deck.

Urban Glider

Urban Commuting Glider 1

Urban Commuting Glider 2

This lightweight single-wheeled cycle will get you around town quickly, but is as easy to transport as a suitcase. The Urban Glider uses a gyroscopically-stabilized electric mono-wheel to keep you upright as you stand on the pedals, and you control it by leaning back, forward or to either side. While it only goes about 13 miles per hour at most, it’s faster than walking, and the battery lasts up to 6 hours per charge, taking just 30 minutes to juice back up.

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Transforming Transit 13 Compact Scooters Skates More

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[ By Steph in Technology & Vehicles & Mods. ]

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Modern, Modular & Transforming Kids’ Furniture: 13 Designs

04 Sep

[ By Steph in Design & Furniture & Decor. ]

Kids Furniture Klou 1

Why spend a fortune on a virtually endless array of aesthetically questionable kids’ furniture, from birth to their teen years, when you could choose customizable, transforming, modern furniture elements instead? These 13 smart space-saving solutions are just as well-thought-out as furniture made for adults, and can keep up with kids’ growth.

Rubik’s Cube Modular Kids Furniture

Kids Furniture Rubiks Cube 1

Kids Furniture Rubiks Cube 2

The Magic Module is a bunch of colorful foam and fabric cushions that can be clipped together to resemble a giant Rubik’s cube, or disassembled into seats, lounges, footrests and beds.

Smart Kid Bedroom in a Box

Kids Furniture Smart Kid 1

Kids Furniture Smart Kids 2

This kids bedroom-in-a-box starts out as a solid birch and plywood crib and then reconfigures into a variety of items that can be used throughout childhood. Take it apart once your toddler is too big for it and re-assemble it into a playpen, junior bed, desk or chalkboard and book rack.

Dumbo Double-Tuck Bed

Kids Furniture Dumbo Double Tuck Bed 1

Kids Furniture Dumbo Double Tuck Bed 2

Tuck Beds by Casa Kids are ‘modern murphy beds for kids,’ with the ability to be mounted horizontal or vertically to practically any wall. It takes up just 13 3/4″ of floor space when it’s all closed up, leaving lots of space for play. An integrated shelf doubles as leg support.

Convertible Crib Turns into Toy Bin & Bookshelf

Kids Furniture Convertible Crib 1

Kids Furniture Convertible Crib 2

The Yiahn Bassinet is another design that goes from birth to late childhood, starting out as a safe place for baby to sleep and transforming into a toy bin and bookshelf for toddlers, and then a chair and table for kids aged 4-8 years. If the family has a second baby, it can be reclaimed for its original use.

SPOT All-in-One Wooden Furniture Series

Kids Furniture SPOT 1

Kids Furniture SPOT 2

Kids Furniture SPOT 3

Free of all the visual clutter typically associated with children’s bedroom sets, SPOT by Polish designer Wiktoria Lenart is a space-saving furniture set with a neutral look and highly customizable character so kids can craft their rooms according to their own personalities and needs. Lofted beds, sliding compartments and a bed frame that doubles as a play space make it fun and easy for kids to create their own personal spaces.

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Modern Modular Transforming Kids Furniture 13 Designs

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Transforming Houses: 13 Homes Slide, Unfold, Spin & Expand

26 Aug

[ By Steph in Architecture & Houses & Residential. ]

Transforming Houses Sliding 3

Rooms rotate, roofs open to the sky, facades slide away to reveal glass walls and interiors literally turn inside out in these 13 transforming, highly customizable home designs. Some close up into impenetrable fortresses for maximum security while others unfold to blur the boundaries between indoors and out.

The Sliding House by DRMM

Transforming Houses Sliding 2

Transforming Houses Sliding 1

The outer walls and roof of this house in Suffolk, England by DRMM slide back and forth on rails to reveal a glassed-in static structure, opening the house to the outside world to a highly customizable degree. Deceptively simple-looking when it’s all closed up, the house practically transforms into a greenhouse when the 50-ton mobile roof and wall enclosure is pulled back via electric motors charged by solar panels.

Bedrooms That Can Be Wheeled Outside

Transforming Houses Sarzeau 1

Transforming Houses Sarzeau 2

Ever wish you could move your bed outside on a particularly nice day? The lucky residents of this house in Sazeau, France by Raum can go one step further, wheeling their entire bedrooms out of the house and onto a wooden terrace to interact with the surrounding landscape. A large doorway makes it easy to move the lightweight wooden cubes outside.

Push a Button, Change Your House Layout

Transforming Houses Rotating Rooms 1

Transforming Houses Rotating Rooms 2

Three wooden boxes within a fixed volume rotate and extend outward with the push of a button at the Sharifi-Ha house in Tehran by nextoffice. The volumes contain a guest room, home office and dining room that can either be aligned flush against the static parts of the home or rotated so the glassed-in ends face a variety of angles.

M-Velope Transformer House

Transforming Houses Mvelope 1

Transforming Houses Mvelope 2

A 230-square-foot mobile living space expands in surprising ways with slatted wood panels that bend and angle in surprising ways. Extending out from a steel frame, the walls fold to reveal interior benches, sleeping platforms, work surfaces and small shaded rooms.


Transforming Houses Huts on Sleds 1

Transforming Houses Huts on Sleds 2.jg

What looks like no more than a wooden shed at first glance is actually a mobile beach house that can be towed off the sand before severe storms. Located on the northern coast of New Zealand, the ‘hut on a sled’ by Crosson Clarke Carnachan features a large wooden shutter facade that opens to reveal a two-story glazed wall facing the sea. The glass is operable, as well, opening the entire interior up to the ocean breezes.

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13 Transforming Houses Slide Unfold Spin And Expand

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