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AT&T won’t sell the Huawei Mate 10 in the US over political concerns

12 Jan

Chinese device manufacturer Huawei was widely expected to announce its first distribution partnership for a flagship smartphone in the US with carrier AT&T at CES this week. However, the carrier pulled out of the agreement at the last minute for reasons that are not entirely clear, though there is some interesting speculation.

According to a report by the New York Times, it appears Huawei’s strong ties with the Chinese government and a fear of espionage have played an important role in the decision. This means that Huawei yet again won’t have an opportunity to compete eye-to-eye with its main rivals Apple and Samsung in the US, as its flagship device Mate 10 Pro will only be available to buy online, through retailers such as Amazon or Best Buy.

If you live in the US and are not so concerned about Chinese espionage, the Mate 10 Pro is definitely worth a closer look. With a 6-inch 18:9 OLED screen, Kirin 970 processor, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and its Leica-branded 12MP dual camera setup, it’s firmly placed in the high-end bracket of the market. That’s a lot smartphone for the $ 800 retail price.

Oh, and its camera is also one of the best among the current crop of flagship phones.

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This Kodak Moments chatbot digs through your old photos and tries to sell you prints

23 Sep

Kodak has created a new Facebook Messenger chatbot called ‘Kodak Moments’ that tries to get users to buy physical products by digging through and resurfacing their old photos.

The AI algorithm works by searching through the mass of images a user has uploaded to Facebook and suggesting ones that may have been forgotten in hopes the user, when suddenly presented with this fond old memory (or Kodak moment… if you will), will order it as a physical print or photo product like a coffee mug.

Facebook users are given the option of either dismissing the chatbot’s suggested image, requesting other images that contain the same people as the first image, or requesting a print or product containing the selected image. All you have to do to join this ‘fun’ game that tries to sell you things is search for Kodak Moments in the Messenger app.

Unfortunately, the chatbot—at least in its current iteration—doesn’t support any sort of filtering options, making it impossible to prevent the bot from digging up photos of old memories better left forgotten. Consider yourself warned.

Joining this Messenger chatbot is a new Kodak Moments app (Android | iOS) that goes a bit further. After being given permission, the app will search through a Facebook or Google account and camera roll to find images it thinks users may want to turn into physical products.

The goal behind the new Kodak Moments technology is (obviously) to increase the company’s print sales while reviving the idea of a ‘Kodak Moment’ and helping customers sort through their possibly massive photo albums. We’ll let you decide if the concept is fun, annoying, or maybe a bit traumatizing.

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Report: Blackstone working with Morgan Stanley to sell 45% Leica stake

21 Sep
Photo by Alexander Andrews

In early August, Reuters reported that Blackstone was engaging in talks with potential buyers to acquire its 45% stake in Leica. Sources had said at the time that Blackstone was working with an investment bank, though that bank wasn’t named, and that it had already discussed the potential business deal with several possible buyers. Reuters is back with more info about the alleged business plan, revealing that Blackstone is working with Morgan Stanley.

Sources have claimed that Zeiss was interested in possibly acquiring a stake in Leica, but only if it could get a majority of the company. Private equity funds, family investors, and “Asian optics groups” are also claimed among those interested in Blackstone’s 45% stake.

In its most recent report, Reuters said that Blackstone is aiming for a high valuation, banking on the fact that Leica is perceived as a luxury brand versus other big camera companies like Nikon and Canon. No auction for the stake has been started, the sources claim. Neither Blackstone or Morgan Stanley have commented on the report.

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Samsung planning to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 units

29 Mar

It’s probably fair to say its Galaxy Note 7 flagship has been an absolute disaster for Samsung. After a number of devices caught fire Samsung eventually made the decision to discontinue the model and, after an internal investigation, announced that the fires had been caused by design and manufacturing errors on the Note 7 batteries. 

In a press release, the South Korean company has now laid out how it will recycle and dispose of the hundreds of thousands of Note 7 units that had already been produced and partly sold. According to the statement, ‘devices shall be considered to be used as refurbished phones or rental phones where applicable.’ This is dependent upon consultations with regulatory authorities and carriers and local demand, which probably means it’s unlikely any refurbished units would make it to Europe or the US.

For remaining devices, reusable components, such as semiconductors and camera modules, ‘shall be detached by companies specializing in such services and used for test sample production purposes.’ For anything that is left after the first two steps, ‘Samsung shall first extract precious metals, such as copper, nickel, gold and silver by utilizing eco-friendly companies specializing in such processes.’

Meanwhile, Samsung’s new high-end phone, the Galaxy S8, is expected to be launched tomorrow at events in New York and London. Hopefully it’ll have more success than its ill-fated cousin.

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Sladda: IKEA to Sell New Flat-Pack Bicycle for Urban Cyclists

23 Apr

[ By WebUrbanist in Technology & Vehicles & Mods. ]

ikea bike trailer

IKEA has announced a new lightweight bicycle with a rust-resistant chain, aluminum frame and low-maintenance construction all aimed to make it easier for more casual bicyclists to hop on and enjoy the ride.

sladda bike

A joint project by Oskar Juhlin, Jan Puranen and Kristian Eke from Swedish studio Veryday Design, the easy-upkeep bike comes in a few basic models with a series of adjustable features.

ikea trailer attachment

It is simple and unassuming at a glance, but aimed to be a go-to, easy-to-use object just like IKEA’s furniture and furnishing lines (just presumably more robust than some). For many would-be bikers, the prospect of maintaining the bicycle itself is a barrier to entry that IKEA hopes to eliminate as a concern.

ikea new bike model

Bike racks, bags and a two-wheeled trailer can all be added via click-to-attach mechanisms to allow for easy adjustments. At $ 750 it won’t be the cheapest model on the market, but affordable for its quality.

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Toshiba to sell sensor business to Sony for $165 million

26 Oct

Toshiba is finalizing plans to sell its image sensor business to Sony for an estimated $ 165 million (¥20 billion) in a bid to raise cash after a $ 1.3 billion accounting scandal. Toshiba has been unloading assets as part of its restructuring plan. Sony currently has 40% of the growing image sensor market, and is quadrupling spending to keep up with demand.

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Photography Will Sell Anything Except For Photography

14 Jan

Photography Network Economy

Per Zennstrom Photography Network Economy

  Hi readers, 

Today, we have a contributed post by, Berlin-based fashion photographer, Per Zennstrom on FPBlog. Per had worked on campaigns for recognized brands like Absolut Vodka, Bentley, Bon Magazine, Dior, Elle, Guy Laroche, H&M, Marie Claire, Porsche, Rolling Stone, Schwarzkopf and Toni & Guy. In this post, Per shares his thoughts about the photography network economy and surviving the changes in the digital age. Let’s get started! Here is Per…



IMGembed recently launched a project on Kickstarter attempting is to end the “war” between image owners and image users.


“Image owners are having their online content infringed without attribution, permission or payment 85% of the time. Content users are liable for up to $ 30,000 per infringed use, according to US Copyright Law. IMGembed can solve that! With our proprietary technology, IMGembed helps owners control where/how their images are being used and lets content users embed images for free, or at affordable impression based rates, with peace of mind!”


This is a really interesting project and an even more interesting problem. How are we to approach IP rights in the Digital Network Economy? We all are on both sides of this (who hasn’t had their images used online without permission?) and at the same time I’m very sure that most of us has engaged in unauthorized use of copyrighted material right?


We are at a crossroads here. Should we embrace the older pay-for usage-model or should we go for a use-your-content-to-sell-other-things model?


Using images (or other content) as a platform to sell other products


Here is an excerpt from a great article by Kwindla Hultman Kramer on what on the surface seems to be about Apple acquiring Beats by Dre, but in reality it’s really about content in the cloud and how artists (and consumers) can finally get to some sort of agreement on how to use and pay for digital content.


Just replace the word “music” with “images”:


“I’m old, so I still think about music as something I want to buy and own. For a century, we’ve lived in a technological and economic “moment” where it made sense for us to own copies of recorded music for personal use. Before about 1890, this was impossible. After about 2010, it was no longer necessary. People younger than I am expect to be able to access any music, instantly, from anywhere, and listen to it however they want. They don’t expect to pay for it, generally speaking. They don’t care about “owning” a copy of it, generally speaking. The ramifications of these changes in technology and in peoples’ expectations are enormous. So how, in this new world, do artists get paid for making music? How do people find music they want to listen to? How do artists get exposure to people who might like what they’re doing?”


And as I proofread this I wonder maybe this question is too narrow? Shouldn’t the question rather be “how do we adapt to a situation where everything is upside down and no one knows what really works”


It’s in this context You have to consider the news of how fashion photography duo Ineez & Vinoodh just launched a jeans capsule collection in collaboration with Frame Denim.

Ineez & Vinoodh fashion shoot for jeans capsule collection with Frame Denim

Photography will sell anything!


OK, Ineez & Vinoodh are extremely successful as photographers but don’t you agree that this is an interesting thought experiment? Looking at your images as a platform to launch other-than-photography-businesses. This could be information products, webinars, marketing courses, Photoshop tutorials – the list goes on and on.


IMGembed is trying to “fix” the problem by improving on the older model slightly, by harnessing the power of big data but I’m not sure that this is the solution. Why not just go ahead and accept the inevitable; stuff that has been let loose out there will get copied and used by people and we photographers have to roll with the punches and become smarter, more lean and switch from looking at this as a problem to looking for opportunities!


Thank you very much,



Did you find this article by Per Zennstrom interesting? Leave your comments below in the comment section. We would like to know what you thought about the post.




Feature image, image 1 & 2: contributed by Per Zennstrom. To view more of his work visit his website.

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EyeEm to sell user images in partnership with Getty Images

07 Mar


Two weeks ago the makers of the photo app EyeEm, together with Soundcloud and Wunderlist, started sending out email invitations to their users, offering to pre-register for the EyeEm Market in order to sell user images. Today EyeEm has announced on its blog that it will run the EyeEm Market in partnership with stock image giant Getty Images. Click through for more details.

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Making Your Stock Photography Sell Like Crazy

24 Oct

Photographers get into stock photography in order to sell their pictures and make a respectable amount of extra money. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done since so many things can get in the way. For many photographers, their experimentations with stock photography simply amount to a waste of time and effort, which is unproductive. However, setting up and editing Continue Reading

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Bottle & Sell It: 14 Designer Bottles that Break the Mold

17 Apr

[ By Steph in Design & Products & Packaging. ]

Designer Bottles Main

Most companies are primarily concerned with price when it comes to beverage and liquid product packaging, but what if designers were given free reign to tweak the standard designs so they’re more user-friendly? These 14 packaging design concepts solve annoyances like caps that are difficult to open, bottle shapes that force you to crane your neck to drink and the frustrating inability to reach those last drops of product in the bottom of a soap bottle.

Soft Hanging Soap and Shampoo Bottles

Designer Bottles Soft Hanging

Soft bottles with suction cups to attach them to the shower walls eliminate all the clutter that various toiletries can create in the bathroom. These bottles are made from cornstarch vinyl, so they’re easy to squeeze, and making them transparent may help distinguish between different types of products stored inside.

Easy Drink

Designer Bottles Easy Drink 1

This simple change in the standard water bottle design seems so obvious, it’s amazing that it hasn’t been implemented already. Moving the mouth of the bottle from the top to a 45-degree angle makes it much easier to drink and re-fill. No more craning your neck to get those last drops.

Dumbbell Bottle

Designer Bottles Dumbbell 2

Since you’re probably carrying a water bottle or sports drink while working out anyway, why not make it do more? The Dumbbell sports drink bottle won’t exactly get you ripped at just .5kg (1.1 pounds), but you could always fill it with something heavier when the drink is gone.

EasyOpen Tab-Pull Bottle Cap

Designer Bottles EasyOpen

Sometimes you’re caught without a bottle opener, and using your teeth isn’t exactly a good idea unless you’re willing to part with them. What if bottle caps had little easy-pull tabs on them? The ‘EasyOpen’ concept would certainly do what the name suggests.

Aqua Jar Turns Bottles into Pitchers

Designer Bottles Aqua Jar

The Aqua Jar by GH Lab extends the life of a plastic bottle by turning it into an easy-pour pitcher. It’s made from biodegradable and recyclable plastic, and fits the universal coil of any plastic bottle.

Eco Coke

Designer Bottles Eco Coke

Designer Bottles Eco Coke 2

“Same classic design, just greener,” says Andrew Kim, designer of the Eco Coke bottle. So what makes it different – and superior – to the current bottle design? Aside from being 100% plant-based, this bottle is also collapsible, making it easier to keep it on hand until a recycling bin is nearby. Since it has a smaller footprint, space for nearly two additional bottles is recovered within standard boxes.


Designer Bottles Retap

While some people will reuse plastic bottles a few times, they’re awkward to clean, and can leach chemicals into the water over time. Glass is safer – and nicer-looking. Retap is a designer water bottle concept that’s easily refillable, without any sharp corners to make cleaning difficult.

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