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Kodak will lay off 425 employees after reporting millions in losses

14 Nov

Kodak recently disclosed its third quarter fiscal results, revealing that it had a GAAP net loss of $ 46 million on $ 379 million in revenues during its Q3 2017. This marks a sharp downturn of fortunes for Kodak, which saw $ 12 million in net earnings during the same quarter last year. “An overall print market slowdown and rising aluminum costs have impacted our commercial print business,” explained Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke in a release.

Clarke went on to explain that Kodak is, “taking immediate actions to accelerate cost reduction and reduce investments to sharpen our focus as we continue to actively pursue changes to the Kodak product and divisional portfolio.” According to New York Upstate, “accelerate cost reduction” translates to the Eastman Kodak Company cutting 425 jobs.

The quarter had its upsides for Kodak, however, which reports that its Kodak Sonora Plates saw a 24% growth in Q3 and its Flexcel NX revenue grew 2% year-on-year. Overall, Kodak’s CFO David Bullwinkle said the company anticipates generating cash during Q4 2017. “We plan to improve our cash balance through reducing working capital and through cost actions,” Bullwinkle explained, “including focusing investments in technologies most likely to deliver near-term returns.”

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Google Pixel users reporting camera app issue

02 Dec

Google’s Pixel smartphones come with a range of innovative imaging technology and currently occupy the number one spot in the DxOMark smartphone ranking. However, shortly after the device launch some users reported a strong tendency of the Pixel camera to produce lens flare, and now it appears some devices are having trouble with the camera app, as well. 

In the Google Product Forum a number of users are reporting that their camera app is frequently crashing, sometimes showing pink and purple vertical lines. It appears the issue is mainly impacting international devices when the phone is in an area with poor signal reception. The error does not occur when flight mode is activated. 

Source: Google Product Forum

Google support staff has been instructing users who are experiencing the issue to clear the cache and data, and factory reset the device. However, none of these measures has solved the problem. It appears performing a soft reset by holding the volume down and power keys is currently the only way to get your device up and running again when the issue occurs.

We are currently testing the Google Pixel XL for our full review and, luckily, have so far not experienced the problem. That said, we hope Google can come up with a quick solution, possibly a software update, to help the affected users.

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Windows 7 – Disable Automatic Error / Problem Reporting

02 Feb

Prevent Windows 7 from automatically contacting Microsoft or prompting you to contact Microsoft whenever a software / hardware / operating system error or problem is detected.

Depending on your Windows 7 configuration, whenever a problem or error is detected in software, hardware, or the operating system, a problem report may be sent to Microsoft. This way, if solutions are later available such as an updated hardware driver, you will be notified and possibly provided a download link.

For various reasons including privacy concerns, you may not wish this automatic or prompted sending of information to occur. To disable automatic checking for solutions:…

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