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Kodak unveiled its own bitcoin miner at CES, will let you rent it for $3,400 for two years

12 Jan

If you thought Kodak news couldn’t get any stranger following the company’s debut of a “photo-centric cryptocurrency” called KODAKCoin earlier this week… you were wrong. In a further attempt to cash in on the cryptocurrency mania currently spreading across the world, Kodak has debuted its own bitcoin mining machine at CES.

The bitcoin miner is called the Kodak KashMiner, and you can rent it for just $ 3,400 and keep a share of the profits you make mining bitcoin for the next 2 years.

We’ll give you a moment to let the absurdity of those last few sentences soak in before we attempt to put this madness in context.

Ready to move on? Okay.

First of all, here is the Kodak KashMiner in the flesh at CES 2018:

The deal, according to the pictures of Kodak’s pamphlet about the KashMiner, is that you can rent the machine on a 2-year contract for $ 3,400. From there, contends Kodak—who clearly know their stuff, having been publically interested in cryptocurrency for a full 48 hours now—you will earn approximately $ 750 per month, half of which you get to keep while the other half goes to a company called Spotlite Energy Systems in California.

At that rate ($ 375 per month), you’ll make $ 9,000 in 24 months, or approximately $ 5,600 in profit.

There’s just one problem with that line of thinking. Okay, actually, there are a few, as many people with actual cryptocurrency mining knowhow pointed out on the twittersphere as soon as news of Kodak’s bitcoin mining machine hit the headlines.

Basically, bitcoin mining will not produce the same output month after month for 2 full years, even in the unlikely even that the price stays at $ 14,000 per bitcoin. According to bitcoin economist Saifedean Ammous, mining difficulty is increasing by about 15% per month, which means your total output after 24 months will be a lot less than the advertised $ 9,000+. But even if Kodak’s numbers were correct, there’s one other problem.

It seems the KashMiner that Kodak is so graciously offering to rent you for $ 1,700 per year is just a rebranded Bitmain Antminer S9, an industry standard bitcoin miner that you can buy outright for just $ 2,320—a full $ 1,080 less than Kodak’s 2-year rental fee.

The Bitmain Antminer S9

Kodak’s initial cryptocurrency and blockchain announcement on Monday seemed, if a bit strange, at least not entirely crazy.

Using the blockchain for copyright registration and tracking makes sense (and has been done before), and if Kodak wants to create its own cryptocurrency for photographers, it’s a risk the company is more than welcome to take. In fact, at first, it seemed like a risk that was well worth taking, as Kodak’s stock more than tripled on the news.

But this bitcoin mining rental scheme feels like something else entirely. If the bitcoin experts speaking out about this online are correct, either Kodak has no idea what it’s doing, or this is a full-blown bitcoin mining scam.

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DJI will let you rent a Mavic Pro for free so you can enter Nat Geo’s aerial photography contest

09 Sep

NatGeo and DJI have teamed up to offer Mavic Pro drone rentals to photographers who want to enter National Geographic’s #MyMavicContest, an aerial photography contest for photos taken with the Chinese company’s drone. Not everyone who signs up for the drone rental will be awarded one, but those who are chosen to receive the Mavic Pro will get to use the drone for two weeks.

National Geographic has detailed the rentals on its new contest page, explaining that anyone can sign up to get the Mavic Pro loaner device. For its part, DJI explains that it will randomly select people from the application pool for whom the drones will be provided; there are ‘hundreds’ of drones available, though an exact number wasn’t provided. Recipients will have to pick up the rental from their local DJI Store, as well.

When signing up for the rentals, applicants must provide information that includes name and email, photography interests, pickup city, and can optionally provide an Instagram ID and National Geographic Your Shot ID. The rental period is running from September 5 to October 31, though recipients will only get the drone for two weeks during that period.

Photographers who already own the Mavic Pro can enter their photos into the contest by posting them on Instagram with the hashtags #NatGeoTravel and #MyMavicContest. Five winners will be selected in November to received a Mavic Pro of their own.

Via: The Drive

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What gear do filmmakers rent most often?

22 May

Filmmaking can be expensive, so it’s fairly common to rent some of the equipment you need instead of buying it. Thanks to today’s sharing economy, that often means renting your equipment from other filmmakers instead of established rental houses.

Just what equipment are people renting? Brent from ShareGrid rounds up the 10 most common products rented through the service in 2016, including the prices people are charging to rent each item. Some of the top products may surprise you, and it’s entirely possible that you already own some of the tools others are looking to rent. 

What do you think? Would you rent your equipment to others to help subsidize the purchase cost?

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Tips to Help You Find the Right Photography Studio Space to Rent

06 Dec

Are you looking to up your portrait, fashion, or product game but are running out of space in your home? Maybe you are on the cusp of having a steady stream of clients but small droughts here and there have you worried about signing a lease for more space. Or perhaps you are curious about what you could do with some professional equipment and a dedicated space? Renting photography studio space is often a perfect solution for any of these situations and more.

Ravenshoe Group

By Ravenshoe Group

Casual studio renting sounds ideal; no need to own extra gear, no monthly rent, no lighting/heating/insurance costs. But it can have some drawbacks if you’re not careful. Here are some tips to help you find the right photography studio space to rent.

What do you need in a photography studio?

Some studios have all the gear you would ever need; C-Stands, professional strobes and modifiers, and a gaggle of backdrops. Others will give you a heated space and an outlet, that’s all.

The right photo studio equipment can make magical images

Image by Erik Söderström/Flickr

Your first step before renting a space is to figure out just what you need. Having a list of items you require will help you in the next phase (searching for your studio) as you file through website after website.

For those totally new to studio shooting, I’d suggest finding a class to help you become familiar with handling the expensive gear in a studio space. I know I was intimidated the first time I was given an Alien Bee light and told to set it up.

If you are only showing up with a camera, you’ll need to make sure the studio has it all. But if you like your strobes (yes, you can use a typical camera flash, with or without modifiers, in a studio) maybe you only need a dry space with a variety of backdrops.

Resources for your search

Google Maps works as a starting point but shouldn’t be your only stop. I use search terms like “Photo Studio”, but you have to be careful how you use the word “studio” otherwise you’ll start getting all kids of apartment listings.

Getting setup for a photo studio shoot

Image by Heisenberg Media/Flickr

I’ve found Yelp to be useful for all the normal Yelpy reasons, but also because the photos help me get a sense of the space.

Facebook groups are another excellent place to find space but make sure you do a little research first. Chances are someone has already asked your question, so search the results in your area. These groups are often run by local photography clubs, so a search for the likes of “Nashville Photography Club” will point you in the right direction. I find that photography club members are usually quite helpful finding most any photo resource when I am visiting a new location as well. They can also be a good source if you are looking for a mentor or assistant to help in the studio.

Knowing what you’re getting

Read the studio’s website very carefully if when in doubt, ask. Keep your emails that describe what you’re getting and what’s not included. Know when you can show up and if they will let you tour the space before your reservation date.

Lots of space can be an advantage when renting photo studio space

Image by jm3/Flickr

This is just a business transaction; don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. If you want a fog machine, ask if one is included. Will a changing room be available? Will remote triggers for any flashes be included or should you bring your own? If you like a specific modifier for the lights, make sure they can provide it.

These all seem like simple things but they will trip you up if you make an assumption that turns out not to be true. If the space has plenty of daylight but no good draperies to cover the windows, you should know this before you show up with clients.

Be prepared

Know which gear is available when renting a photo studio

Image by a kindly stranger/Flickr

Assume nothing. While the list of items may be complete and you received guarantees in email, be prepared to have vital items with you or a backup plan in place. What if the backdrop color you want got damaged just before your session by another patron? What if you really need music for your shoot (such as playback for a music video) and their system breaks?

Have backups and backup plans. Carry extras of your own gear, as much is as practical, in case you are the cause of a breakage. Such as a lens cracks or your own wireless transmitter freaks out. You’ve spent time and money on the shoot; make sure it is not scrubbed because of something that can be backed up.

Depending on the level and importance of the shoot, you may want to rent backup gear if there isn’t a shop close to your rental studio. Studio space can range from $ 30-$ 150 per hour or more, and if you are bringing in hair and makeup professionals or maybe a model or two the costs add up. It’s worth the slight extra cost to make sure that money isn’t wasted because you ran out of batteries or gaffers tape or can’t find your 50mm lens.



Renting studio space to expand your skills and resources is a great option as your photography grows. Getting in with a local group, via Facebook or an internet search, is a great way to find space and people who might be good mentors. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into and what is and is not, included with the rental.

Most of all, have fun shooting!

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Van Gogh’s Iconic Bedroom Brought to Life & Available to Rent

17 Feb

[ By WebUrbanist in Boutique & Art Hotels & Travel. ]

van gogh 3d

The Art Institute of Chicago has brought one of the most famous paintings of Vincent Van Gogh to life like never before: a complete replica realized in three dimensions and available as a rental to art fans in for a night of surrealistic immersion. The details, furniture and decor have been painstakingly drawn from the image, right down to crooked chairs, suspended paintings and heavily brush-stroked colors.

van gogh original yellow bedroom

For rent on AirBNB, the project is part of a larger exhibition around Van Gogh’s various bedroom paintings made in the late 1880s, one of which was made during a stay at an asylum. The recreated room is located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, next to one of the AIC’s campuses.

van gosh 3d recreated

At just $ 10 a night, this place is likely to rent out entirely if it has not already. For whatever reason, the space also comes with a television and internet connection, though authentic experience-seekers may want to skip those, turn down the lights and just enjoy a night living inside of a classic work of art. The exhibit runs through early May and features over 30 of the master’s works.

van gogh interior replica

More from the AIC: “Van Gogh’s life was short and nomadic. By the time he died, at the age of 37, he had lived in 37 separate residences across 24 cities, mostly as a boarder or a guest dependent on the hospitality of family or friends. In 1888, he finally moved into the only home he truly considered his own: his beloved ‘Yellow House’ in Arles.”

van gogh rental exhibit

“Of his many bedrooms, Van Gogh immortalized only the one from the Yellow House—three times in fact. He first painted the room in 1888 shortly after his move to the Arles and then painted the composition twice more in 1889: once to record the first version that had been damaged when his home flooded and then again as a gift for his mother and sister.”

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Super-Deluxe Swim Platform: Rent This DIY Floating Sauna

19 Jan

[ By Steph in Destinations & Sights & Travel. ]

diy sauan 6

In Finland, where the tradition of sitting in steamy saunas is even more appealing in frigid winter, a group of enterprising DIYers has built their own multi-level floating spa, sun deck and dive platform out of recycled materials. The Saunalatta features a lower deck, a sauna cabin that transforms into sleeping bunks in the summer, and a second-story platform with a lookout, and it’s available for rent at the cost of about $ 410 per day.

diy sauna 2

diy sauna 3

In a nation that boasts roughly one sauna for every three residents – about two million in total – it’s not surprising that Finns come up with some creative variations. Up to fifteen people can cram into the sauna at a time, where the temperature can get as high as 194 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, they jump right into the icy waters of the lake before repeating the ritual.

diy sauna 1

diy sauna 4

diy sauna 5

In the summertime, the cabin offers sleeping space for five on simple platforms, with hammocks offering lounge space. On the roof terrace you’ll find a table and chairs, a BBQ and a 19-foot diving tower. Made of recycled and reclaimed materials, the simple shack-style houseboat also has a fridge, heated shower and a sound system wired throughout the vessel.

diy sauna 7

diy sauna 8

diy sauna 10

The Saunalatta Facebook page has lots of wistful-daydream-worthy photos that’ll appeal to water-lovers in either hemisphere, since it’s cozy and warm in the winter and the perfect home base for swimming in the summer, including some fun images of the creators testing out the boat’s durability with a trampoline.

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Home-Free Living: German Woman Trades in Rent for Train Ticket

07 Sep

[ By WebUrbanist in Boutique & Art Hotels & Travel. ]

train traveler

Reasoning that a full-time train pass costs less than an apartment, a 23-year-old German writer and student has exchanged her life in a fixed location for one in perpetual motion. At the equivalent of $ 380 a month, she can catch a ride anytime day or night, and much more comfortably than other contemporary high-tech hobos.

life on train

Everything Leonie Müller needs travels with her in a single backpack, making it easy to switch rides or catch the overnight rail, washing up in the onboard restrooms. In a strange reversal of convention, it is cheaper for her to use her pass and sleep aboard than to stay in one place.

train travel exclusively

Europe’s extensive train network, most impressive (and consistently on time) in Germany, provides various speeds of travel and connections to just about any town or city, enabling Leonie to visit friends or crash with family without much effort or planning.

train station

train car living

The move (or: moving) be permanent, but for now the costs and lifestyle make sense to her and provides material for her thesis project on nomadic living. She writes papers for school and posts for her blog while riding, and recommends noise-cancelling headphones for those who would follow her footsteps (or rail tracks, as it were).

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Kubrick’s f/0.7 lenses now available for rent (but start saving up)

06 Aug


Legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick pushed the boundaries of moviemaking in many ways, and was responsible for some of the most enduring visuals in cinema. When he made Barry Lydon in 1975, Kubrick shot with two ultra-rare Carl Zeiss primes, which had originally been created for NASA. Using the 50mm and 35mm f/0.7 lenses, Kubrick was able to film some scenes purely by candlelight. Now, Germany-based company P+S Technik has announced that they’ve modified a PS-Cam X35 HD to be able to accept Kubrick’s primes, and the whole package is available to rent. Click through for more details. 

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