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Camera battery explosion causes chaos at Orlando International Airport

14 Nov
Photo by Ashim D’Silva

An exploding lithium-ion camera battery caused a panic at the Orlando International Airport on Friday, resulting in 24 flight cancellations as well as temporary chaos as a terminal was evacuated. Witnesses say the exploding battery made a sound similar to a gunshot, prompting people to flee the area.

Though frightening, the situation proved mostly harmless as officials discovered the source of the sound: a camera battery that had exploded inside of a traveler’s bag, which began smoking as a result. Orlando Police have since posted tweets advising the public that no shots were fired in the airport, but instead that “a lithium battery in a camera exploded in a bag … the bag was smoldering.” No one was hurt in the incident.

The incident follows a recent recommendation by the FAA that airlines ban passengers from checking devices with lithium-ion batteries in bags due to their volatility and the fire risk they pose, instead suggesting they pack them in their carry-on luggage.

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Satellite Explosion – Once Upon – Part 5

03 Jan

Share on Facebook: and Twitter: E Starring: Joe Penna – @MysteryGuitarM – PrincessTard – @ShayCarl – Mark Gantt – @markgantt – Taryn O’Neill – @TarynOneill – http America Young – @America_Young – Brendan Bradley – @BrendanABradley – http Freddie Wong – @fwong – Created and Directed by: Joe Penna Written by: Joe Penna Grayson Pauroso – @BradAndGray – Produced by: Brendan Bradley – @BrendanABradley – Director of Photography: Jared Hoy – @jaredhoy – Sound Recordist and Mixer Sean Oakley – Music by: Paul Dateh (ft. Ken Belcher) @PaulDateh – — Visual Effects GLOO Studios – Lasers: Corridor Digital – On-Set VFX Supervisor: Jon Julsrud On-Set VFX Asst. Supervisor: Will Cox Wardrobe: Catherine Elhoffer – Makeup Shannon Feiman – Props: Dan Crawley – AC: Christy Bourque Gaffers: Derrick Esperanza Greg Bradley Will Waters Joey Harris Rigging: Clay Van Sickle Thanks to: The Gibsons for the baby Laurel Canyon Stages Frank & Micheline Kelly & CAST Locations for the cabin Magic Smile Family Dentistry for Elvis the Bird
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© 2011 Teleprompt/Warner Bros. Records Inc. “Blood Pressure” by Mutemath from Odd Soul, available now. Written, directed, and filmed in less than 24 hours during an off day in Los Angeles at the Warner Bros. Records parking lot. Directed by: Claire Vogel & Darren King Produced by: Claire Vogel & Darren King Director of Photography: Claire Vogel Edited by: Darren King Download here: Links: Facebook: Website: Twitter Blood Pressure Lyrics: Why can’t you ; be more like your older brother Why can’t you; oooo (blood pressure) Why can’t you; do a little more for Jesus Why can’t you; (blood pressure) ooooooo Ahhhh ahhhhh [Chorus] Blood pressure Do better Keep rising Blood pressure You’re on the road; on a road that’s bound for nowhere Why don’t you do what you’re told? Blood pressure Don’t worry I will help you out on one condition Be more, do more, check your blood pressure Ahhhhh ahhhhh Blood pressure Do better Keep rising Blood pressure Ahhhh ahhhhh Ohh Blood pressure Do better Keep rising Blood pressure Blood pressure Won’t matter Keep rising Blood pressure Blood pressure


Musical Explosion (3D option)

22 Nov

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HDV anaglyph 3d car explosion

30 Oct

Testing internet delivery of red/cyan anaglyph 3d.
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Car Explosion 3d Anaglyph 1080p

13 Mar

Direct channel swap for anaglyph red/cyan glasses.


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