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Best 6 Cameras to Buy Under $300

11 Jan

With the global digital camera market expected to surpass $ 2 billion by 2021 (study by Technavio), no wonder the market is crowded with different digital cameras at different price points. Big market players such as Panasonic, Canon, Sony, FujiFilm, Casio, Kodak or Olympus are consistently launching new products and banking upon advanced photography trends such as large optical zooms, bigger Continue Reading

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DJI introduces Ronin-S stabilizer for DSLR and mirrorless cameras

07 Jan

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DJI has announced the Ronin-S, its first single-handed stabilizer designed for use with DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

It will be available in two frame sizes (referring to the frame that holds the camera), one for mirrorless cameras such as the Sony Alpha system and Panasonic GH series, and another for larger DSLRs like the Canon 5D Mark IV. Additionally, the 3-axis gimbal is fully compatible with both in-camera and in-lens stabilization systems.

DJI tells us that it put a lot of work into making the system easy to use. It comes with a tripod that screws into the base, allowing the Ronin to stand upright on its own while rigging the camera, axis locks to prevent gimbal movement during setup, and a calibration process that it describes as quick and easy. Also included is a feature called Push Mode, activated in the Ronin app, that allows users to tune settings like pan and tilt while the Ronin-S is still turned on, eliminating the need to shut down the system to make these adjustments.

The Ronin app also provides a number of features designed to automate complex camera moves. These include CamAnchor, which allows you to set designated camera positions and toggle between them, Panorama and Hyperlapse tools, and also DJI’s ActiveTrack technology. SmoothTrack enables you to adjust gimbal responsiveness on each axis, along with the ability to save profiles for later use.

The Ronin app also provides a number of features designed to automate
complex camera moves

The Ronin-S includes dedicated control buttons for both camera and gimbal, including the ability to quickly toggle between settings, activate recording on the camera, and adjust camera position using the built-in joystick.

The Ronin-S is also compatible with some very useful accessories, including a focus dial with built-in screen that can be used as a follow-focus (primarily on Sony cameras, we’re told) or used to select SmoothTrack profiles saved in the Ronin app. There’s also a cheese plate for attaching other accessories and a car mount for shooting on vehicles.

Over the past couple years we’ve seen quite a few products designed for the growing market of small production companies and emerging filmmakers, including more cameras with advanced features like Log video, as well as a number of budget-oriented cinema lenses. A compact, affordable stabilization system should be very appealing to this audience.

Pricing for the Ronin-S has yet to be announced, but DJI indicated it will be available in the second quarter of 2018. If you’re attending CES 2018 in Las Vegas you can see the Ronin-S in person at the DJI booth.

Press release:

DJI Reveals New Handheld Camera Stabilizers At CES 2018

A Redesigned Osmo Mobile 2 Turns Smartphones Into Smart Steadycams and Ronin-S Becomes DJI’s First Single-Handed Stabilizer for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

January 7, 2018 – DJI, the world’s leader in creative camera technology, introduced two new handheld camera stabilizers at CES 2018 – Osmo Mobile 2 and Ronin-S. Built for smartphones, DSLRs, and mirrorless camera systems, they give consumers, professional videographers and photographers new tools to capture smooth, steady videos and stunning photos wherever they go.

  • Osmo Mobile 2: The handheld smartphone camera stabilizer from DJI, redesigned for the storyteller in all of us. Using a lightweight design that supports portrait orientation, with simpler controls with cinematic zoom, a longer battery life for more filming, and intelligent features to help you share a professional-looking story wherever you go.
  • Ronin-S: DJI’s first single-handed stabilizer for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras. Built for efficient setup and ease of use with a compact form and dedicated buttons to control camera settings and precise positioning, plus intelligent features for advanced shooting modes all designed to help bring a steady shot to any set.

“With the introduction of these two stabilizers, DJI now offers gimbal technology to help unlock the creative storyteller in everyone no matter what camera they’re using,” said Paul Pan, Senior Product Manager at DJI. “Osmo Mobile 2 offers the best in smartphone stabilization at an affordable price, and Ronin-S brings the quality of DJI’s professional gimbal technology to a new form factor that is perfect for run-and-gun filming using your favorite DSLR or mirrorless camera system.”

Osmo Mobile 2 – Redesigned for the Storyteller in All of Us

Osmo Mobile 2 is a smartphone camera stabilizer that captures smooth videos and high-definition panoramas with cinematic movement and incredible ease. DJI’s industry-leading three-axis gimbal technology cancels out movement in three directions so your video stays steady even if your hands shake or wobble, while DJI’s built in SmoothTrack technology detects and compensates for your movement of the camera to ensure a smooth cinematic shot every time.

Designed to be lightweight and portable, Osmo Mobile 2 is made from high-strength modified nylon and features a folding design that makes it perfect for all-day use. The two-way mobile clamp lets you easily pivot between landscape and portrait orientation so that you can chose the most engaging full-screen format for your audience. In addition, a 1/4” universal screw mount ensures compatibility with your favorite photography accessories, making Osmo Mobile 2 more versatile than ever.

Simpler controls let you use your phone’s camera like a professional camera with integrated settings for ISO, shutter speed and more. A new zoom slider lets you completely operate your smartphone camera from the handle and you can even produce dolly zoom, a visual effect usually created only on professional film sets.

A more powerful built-in battery system lets you film for up to 15 hours, over three times longer than the original Osmo Mobile’s battery. The new USB port enables phone charging during use and serves as a power bank for charging other electronics while on the go.

Smart software in the DJI GO mobile app unlocks intelligent photo and video features that help you create professional-looking content automatically. Videographers can use modes including ActiveTrack to automatically follow of subjects in motion, Motion Timelapse with up to five different camera positions, Hyperlapse to create dramatic time-lapse videos with the camera in motion, or stream live to popular social platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Photographers can expand their creativity with options such as Panorama, Long Exposure and LightTrail modes.

Ronin-S – Bring a Steady Shot to Any Set

Ronin-S is DJI’s first single-handed stabilizer for DSLR and mirrorless camera systems. Available in two frame sizes for either camera type, DJI’s powerful three-axis gimbal technology delivers smooth, shake-free video and crisp photos, adding a cinematic and professional look to your work.

Powerful high-torque motors support the most popular camera and lens combinations including the Canon 5D, Panasonic GH and Sony Alpha systems. Its stabilization system compensates for zoom lenses with higher magnification ratios and an external zooming barrel, while its advanced stabilization algorithms work with both in-camera and in-lens optical stabilization technology.

Capturing stabilized video has never been easier because Ronin-S was designed for easy setup and use. A new Push mode lets you adjust the pan and tilt axis by hand while the Ronin-S is powered on and axis locks speed up the setup process so you can spend more time filming and less time prepping your gear. Ronin-S has a comfortable, ergonomic curved design that helps capture smooth cinematic movements from upright to underslung positions without obstructing the camera’s display. Ronin-S also features DJI’s intelligent battery technology that can be hot-swapped during operation for extended shoots.*

Dedicated control buttons for the camera and gimbal let you toggle between SmoothTrack settings, record and stop the camera, and the high-precision joystick changes the camera position to help frame your shot perfectly. A new Sport mode allows for fast movements with tight and quick subject following speed.

Harness intelligent shooting modes on Ronin-S through the DJI Ronin mobile app to create complex camera moves automatically like Panorama, Hyperlapse, Track and CamAnchor that lets you designate specific camera positions in a scene and rotate between them on demand. Directly customize SmoothTrack settings with dedicated controls for responsiveness of each axis. Camera settings can be directly adjusted as well.**

Ronin-S is compatible with a variety of DJI Pro Accessories to capture any scene and expand your creative freedom on set or location. Supported accessories include a Focus Control Center consisting of a focusing dial and a screen allowing advanced gimbal and focus control without a mobile device, a vehicle mount solution, DJI Master Force, DJI Master Wheels, an external focus motor, and a cheese plate adapter so you can use your favorite third-party accessories. A dual-handle support will also be available for when an added level of comfort and stability is required.

Price and Availability

Osmo Mobile 2 retails for $ 129 USD and will be available exclusively for pre-order at on January 23, 2018. Starting in early February, it will also be available at, DJI Flagship Stores, and DJI Authorized Retailers, with additional availability later in February at Apple Stores in select regions worldwide. For more information on all the new features and capabilities of Osmo Mobile 2, please visit

Ronin-S will be available in the second quarter of 2018 from, DJI Flagship Stores, DJI Authorized Retail Stores, and DJI Resellers worldwide***. Pricing will be announced prior to availability. Additional information on Ronin-S can be found at

?Osmo Shield for Osmo Mobile

Osmo Shield is a coverage plan that extends the warranty of any Osmo series product by one additional year, including accidental hardware damage coverage, that covers up to one free replacement and provides repair solutions for two years. Osmo Shield is currently available in select countries, including China, the United States, and Canada.

Photos and Videos Available for Download

Osmo Mobile 2 photos:

Ronin-S photos:

DJI at CES 2018

Visit the DJI booth at CES to see the new Osmo Mobile 2 and Ronin-S, and experience the entire DJI product portfolio of camera drones and image stabilization systems. Onsite activities and promotion for CES attendees at the DJI booth include:

  • Rent an Osmo Mobile 2 for free each day
  • Compete in DJI’s daily flight simulator challenge to win a DJI Spark Fly More Combo
  • Register to enter a daily raffle for Ronin-S and receive a $ 100 USD discount coupon

DJI’s main booth is located in the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall, Level 2, booth #26002. Drone flight demos will also take place at DJI’s booth in the Central Hall, booth #14710T.

*Can be utilized with dual-handheld accessory as well

**For supported camera models

***The Ronin-S products shown at CES 2018 are prototypes and the final specs and features may vary

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Modular PITTA camera transforms into drone, action, and security cameras

04 Jan

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PITTA, a modular ball-shaped 13MP camera that transforms into a drone, is currently blasting its way through a campaign on Kickstarter. The small, sphere-shaped modular camera launched on the crowdfunding platform with a $ 50K goal, but as of this writing it has already raised well over a quarter million dollars.

Eyedea, the company behind PITTA, describes its product as a multi-purpose device:

It’s not just aerial, not just handheld, not just wearable or mountable, it’s all of these. It’s a complete system packed into a single device.

Here’s a quick intro video from the company’s Kickstarter:

In its most basic form, PITTA looks like a simple black sphere, which is the 200g/7oz camera body. The sphere-shaped body features a 13MP sensor, support for 4K/30fps recording, and “software image stabilization.” Additionally, the body contains various sensors including GPS/GLONASS, gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, magnetometer, object detection and visual tracking hardware, and optical flow positioning sensors.

Joining that is an Action Cam Module, Charging Cradle, and Drone Module. When docked in the Charging Cradle, PITTA can be used as a stationary security camera or livestreaming camera.

When used with the Action Module, PITTA can be attached to a tripod or other mount and used as an action camera that supports burst shot, 60fps slow-motion recording, livestreaming, and time lapse, as well as direct sharing to the major social media platforms.

The Drone Module, meanwhile, transforms the camera sphere into a drone via a snap and twist-to-lock design. The resulting camera drone is controlled using a smartphone and companion app, which itself offers several operation modes. PITTA as a drone supports taking panoramas, hovering in place, orbiting around the operator, auto-following the operator, as well as a “Come Back Home” function, terrain awareness, auto-landing, and GPS. The slow-motion and time lapse functions aren’t available in drone mode.

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PITTA is being offered to Kickstarter backers who pledge $ 290 for a Kickstarter Exclusive Basic Kit or $ 320 for a Kickstarter Exclusive Full Package, though other pledge packages are also available. Shipments to backers are expected to start in May 2018, though as with any crowdfunding campaign, plans could change, so proceed with caution.

To learn more or pledge for your own, head over to Kickstarter by clicking here.

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2017 Buying Guide: Best cameras for landscapes

20 Dec

Landscape photography isn’t as simple as just showing up in front of a beautiful view and taking a couple of pictures. Landscape shooters have a unique set of needs and requirements for their gear, and we’ve selected some of our favorites in this buying guide.

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2017 Buying Guide: Best cameras for students

19 Dec

If you’re looking to learn more about photography there are some great cameras available. We’ve chosen a handful of models that offer an affordable way into photography, but give you plenty of scope to grow as you develop your skills.

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2017 Buying Guide: Best cameras for parents

18 Dec

Quick. Unpredictable. Unwilling to sit still. Kids really are the ultimate test for a camera’s autofocus system. We’ve compiled a short list of what we think are the best options for parents trying to keep up with young kids, and narrowed it down to one best all-rounder.

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Broncolor releases HSS-capable RFS 2.2 flash trigger for Fujifilm cameras

16 Dec

Broncolor has launched the RFS 2.2 F for Fujifilm cameras. The new transmitter-receiver was made in collaboration with Godox, making it possible for Fujifilm owners to use broncolor’s pack systems and monolights. When used with supported products, namely broncolor’s Move and Siros lines, RFS 2.2 F supports high speed flash sync speeds up to 1/8000s. The device is also backward compatible with Senso, Scoro, and other RFS 2-enabled products.

The transceiver, which was previously launched for Canon, Nikon, and Sony, features a rotary control wheel alongside a backlit LCD and PC sync/hot shoe pass-through. Likewise, the RFS 2.2 F supports up to 99 studio channels with up to 40 lamp groups per channel. Radio connectivity range spans up to 100m / 300ft.

Broncolor says the RFS 2.2 for Fujifilm is available as a preorder for $ 112, with shipping planned to start “later in December.” But as The Phoblographer noted yesterday, Godox itself offers a very similar Fujifilm HSS transmitter for less than half the cost, at $ 46.

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2017 Buying Guide: Best cameras for sports and action

10 Dec

Are you a speed freak? Hungry to photograph anything that goes ‘zoom’? Or perhaps you just want to get Sports Illustrated-level shots of your child’s soccer game. Keep reading to find out which cameras we think are best for sports and action shooting.

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2017 Buying Guide: Best cameras for video

09 Dec

Video features have become an important factor to many photographers when choosing a new camera. Read on to find out which cameras we think are best for the videophile.

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2017 Buying Guide: Best fixed prime lens cameras

07 Dec

The fixed prime lens camera market may be a bit niche, but it’s here that you’ll find some of the best cameras you can buy. Sensors ranging from APS-C to full-frame are designed to match their lenses, which cover ranges from 28-75mm equivalent, so image quality is top-notch.

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