cncd & fairlight – numb res [1080p 3D]

26 Nov

“numb res” by cncd & farlight, second place at The Gathering 2011 combined demo competition presented in full HD stereoscopic 3D for your enjoyment Visuals by destop & smash, music by stereo wildlife more: My workflow for this one was interesting. I started with a 1080p 60fps raw kkapture of the demo in anaglyph mode and imported this into Adobe After Effects. I created a 23.976fps composition and enabled frame blending for a more cinematic (and reasonably sized) video. I then imported two of these compositions side by side into a 3840×1080 composition and used the channel mixer to separate the red channel for the left eye and make it greyscale. I then adjusted the colours on the other channel to remove the red elements entirely and convert the cyan tint into greyscale also. I then rendered it out to lossless h.264 with wav audio using the x264vfw encoder. Once this was done I transcoded it once more, but using a slower video profile (still lossless) and FLAC for the audio.
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