3D anaglyph using one camera (Canon T2i DLSR)

23 Jun

A 3D anaglyph video can be made using only one camera/camcorder (I am using the DSLR Canon T2i). Find a subject that has minimal motion (like a building or a Forrest preserve on a calm day). Keep the camera 90 degrees to the subject and sweep the camera as slow and smoothly as possible. Use a car or a dolly for smoothness. Use the widest angle on the lens system you are using. Download a freeware program called stereo movie maker. Load the video twice fooling the program to think it is a left and a right video. After loading the video twice, set the program to a stereo anaglyph, half color. If the video you have taken sweeps from the left to the right, adjust the bottom arrow button in stereo movie maker that adjusts the frames, forward two frames. You might need three or more frames. depending on how fast you have swept during your video run. This method causes a time difference between the two videos which then translates in to two separate videos, a left and a right. Output your video as a stereo output video (half color anaglyph) in the codec of your choice.
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Break out your 3D anaglyph glasses you don’t want to miss this one! The guys at Hard Lifestyle made this anaglyph 3D video using the The 3D Pro video tutorial. Now anybody can make KILLER 3d videos like these using ANY standard digital cameras, in fact this video was made using the “video” option on 2 different standard digital “still” cameras and combining the video. All the info is in the tutorial. Grab one and start seeing and filming the world in an all new dimension…. The 3rd Dimension!
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