“There Are More Things” by JA Linden Poem animation

09 Jun

Heres a virtual movie of a recitation of a macabre little poem I rather liked its a about one of those nightmares we have when we have foolishly,but deliciously decided to gorge ourselves on cheese on toast “Welsh Rarebit” just before going to bed. which inevitably results in our mind filling with the ghosts and Ghouls in our cheese induced dementia our downtime imagination runs wild and as our eyes blink in our sleep we imagine and see shadows and things surely indescribable by us during our waking hours. The poem was written by an equaly mysterious poet by the name of J .A Linden who my modest searches of the internet have unearthed nothing.I guess though that this poem may have been written around the 1960’s. The title is drawn from the Lines i Shakespeares Hamlet “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” I have used the image of a young unknown Victorian gentleman as my reader. Kind Regards Jim Clark All rights are reserved on this video recording copyright Jim Clark 2010


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