[UDK] School in the city

07 Nov

Read description for info! Feel free to ask for tutorials, I’m not a pro but I can record some. [BigBuilding Project v0.6] This is a 3D project I’ve been working on for quite some time (like two weeks or so) – a playable map based on my school IRL (however I didn’t measure anything so it came out rather small and it’s missing like 50% of the classrooms). [Purpose] Learning Unreal Development Kit interface and workflow to prepare for making a similar project with my friends but on another level of quality. [Objects’ Types] BSP/CSG Brush – buildings, walls, fences and much more Static Meshes, KActors – school furniture APEX Destructible – glass in the windows Speedtrees Particles – falling leafs (from standard UDK packages) [Program Info] Engine – Unreal3 [UDK] Modelling – Wings 3D APEX Assets – Nvidia PhysX Lab Texturing – GIMP/Photoshop CS6 Enhancing textures – CrazyBump [Video] Editing: Sony Vegas 8 Music: Mala – Forgive Please check out my other projects, thanks! Music – Dubstep Hero (GH Mod) –

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