Digital Photography Tutorial – Outdoor Portraits – How to Blur the background – Beginner lesson

30 Aug A video on Outdoor portrait photography. Please watch my Aperture video first if you already haven’t seen it by clicking on my channel. These are the 4 easy steps to blur your background in outdoor portrait photography. 1. Use lower aperture value 2. Stay close to your subject 3. Zoom in to your subject 4. Keep a good distance between your subject and the background. If you feel this video has helped you, please THUMBS UP If you have any question, please ask me on facebook. SUBSCRIBE for future videos. It’s free! Until next time, keep clicking. Visit if you want to do photography on a budget. The Complete SLR Digital Photography Course – Why buy our Photography Courses Well first of all if you are reading this then you have an SLR you have probably paid in excess of 00 dollars once you have all the lenses and accessories, unfortunately most people do not ever take their camera off the auto settings which is a complete waste, our course is .99 and will be the best photography equipment purchase you will make and also the cheapest Do you offer Support with the Photography Courses We offer full email support for free.. Is there any Guarentee with the Photography Courses? We offer full money back if you do not improve 100% at least… Where can i find reviews of your Photography Courses We are the number one selling course on Ebay, take a look at our feedback, we have helped 10 year olds to 80 year olds, across all makes of cameras, SLR’s Compact and point and shoots. We have literally sold thousands of courses and have not received one return, we have 100% Feedback Live Ebay Reviews please click here We are the only course to have a 5 star rating on both Amazon in America and Amazon in the Uk 5 star rating on click to see reviews 5 Star rating on click to see reviews So What will I learn in your Photography Courses? The complete SLR Digital Photography course has everything you need to start shooting quality professional photos in a little under 2 hours. It’s complete with professional settings; find out
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