42″ Philips Wow vs. 50″ Newsight Stereoscopic Displays

31 May

Two multi-view stereoscopic displays in Inition’s demo studio. Demo to give an idea of the brightness and reflectiveness differences between the two 3D displays

Grab your 3D glasses! (red-cyan) Moving holograms is not the average 3D technique that’s been around for decades. After years of research and development, we found unique techniques and workflows that allow us to do an exact reproduction of the human 3D vision. Objects and actors reach out beyond the screen and therefore attract the main attention of the audience, the whole set leaves a vivid and plastic impression without straining the spectators eyes. We will transform your screen into a 3D monitor. Keep in mind that the anaglyph quality displayed is quite low. At our 3D cinema here in Graz, we can really show you what MOVING HOLOGRAMS is. more at:
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