Mysto & Pizzi Beatmaking Wednesdays – 63 Degrees

30 Mar

Download: Title: 63 Degrees Twitter: Facebook: Here it is, we’re finally back with Beatmaking Wednesdays. Took a while for us to relaunch because we had some many new factors to work into this show and make it all work. We decided to take this whole thing to another level by involving all of you guys and our community into this show. So basically we’re making each Beatmaking Wednesday beat from now on available for download through What we want everyone to do is go get the track and then record a rap, song, video, freestyle, dance, animation or whatever else you can think of and then come back on here on youtube and upload it as a video response! We will then pick the videos we like the most and feature in the next episode with a link to that video so it will give great exposure to whomever is chosen! So go out there, get the track and create something dope and then let us see it so we can let everyone else see it as well 🙂 ! This whole project is a work in progress but with all of your support im sure it will turn into something great! Download: Animation: -Mysto & Pizzi


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