Intro to filming with your DSLR-5DMKiii,7D,T2i/550d,T3i/600d Nikon D3,D4,D800,D7000

30 Mar

JOIN ME FOR A PHOTO WALK ON SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2012 @3PM. I will be there to provide you live tips and answers to your photography questions. We will meet at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. Please follow this link to sign up — Hope to see you all there! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR MY MONTHLY NEWSLETTER OR UPDATE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION: Hey everyone! After tons of requests on how to shoot video with your DSLR, I’ve finally got around to doing one. This will be the first on many videos covering the proper way of shooting with your DSLR. As many of you already know my style of teaching, I like to get to the “why” before the “when”. That way “when” you are ready to go out and shoot, you know “why” certain things must take place before filming. I will be doing more in the coming weeks, so don’t worry! Please SHARE, comment rate and of course…SUBSCRIBE! Please let me know if you have any questions. Don’t forget you can catch me on these social outlets: Twitter @KreativeVueTV Instagram @KreativeVueTV ND Fader Filters (Text contributed from ): A Neutral Density Filter cuts down on the amount of light that reaches sensor (of film.) NDs come in different standard strengths as well– 1 stop, 2 stop, all the way up to 10 stops (and beyond.) For the filmmaker, Neutral Density Filters are an essential tool. Still photographers have a bit more latitude to maneuver their exposure by changing the shutter speed. But
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