Khmer Photographer: Vlog #1 Bulli Sot “Future Projects”

23 Oct

(SUPPORT ALSO BE CICKING ON THE AD, a few bucks can also help support the showcase of Jaya Production) Hello you guys! this one of my first Vlog expanding my work as a photographer and artist. Also talk about “lost of Cambodia” how can that video help me reach more into the Cambodian community. The video also talk about my project “Nature of Oakland” showcase + book which will be a local showcase that help me with my project “KHMER FASHION 2013-2014”. Goal is to reach and travel around the world as an artist to capture the movement of time here. THIS VIDEO TALK ABOUT PART 1 : TALK ABOUT “LOST IN CAMBODIA” – HIDDEN MESSAGE PART 2 : THE PROJECT “NATURE OF OAKLAND” PART 3 : “KHMER FASHION 2013-2014 T-SHIRT DESIGNER “TONY SO” SUPPORT BY TELLING YOUR FRIENDS SUB!!! AND ALSO VIEW ADD BULLI SOT FACEBOOK AT http PASS IT ON !!! AND SUB FOR MORE WORK 😉
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