Pictocolor iCorrect EditLab 6 Review

28 Sep – This is a video PictoColor iCorrect Editlab Pro 6 Review. It’s Friday at 4 boss says that he wants you to get this group of images ready for a print proof on Monday morning. Ugh… you want to go home. Now what do you do? Go through several different adjustment layers in Adobe Photoshop… for each image? Nope. You open up Pictocolor iCorrect EditLab 6 and apply the SmartColor Feature. Bam, your going home on time. Use the PictoColor EditLab Coupon Code: “ART11” for 11% Off the entire order. Yeah, that’s 10%, that keeps on giving. Actually, if your boss doesn’t even want to buy Adobe Photoshop, you can tell him that iCorrect EditLab Pro is also available as a stand alone application for JPEG & TIFF batch processing. No need for that extra 0 investment, to get the same results. You can even work with 16-Bit images on a 64-Bit Processor. All the code is designed for optimal, professional use. No need to deal with any old legacy stuff. The program is made up with four distinct tabs: PictoColor iCorrect Editlab 6 ToolTab01 Color Balance: Remove color casts and balance the whites by simply clicking on any neutral colors. You can even manually adjust the color balance with sliders. PictoColor iCorrect Editlab 6 ToolTab02 Tonal Range: Full control over the tonal range by setting the white point, black point and midpoint of your images using an eye dropper, slider, or automatic SmartColor technology. PictoColor iCorrect Editlab 6 ToolTab03
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