Paul Rand Wisdom to Live By For Artists

27 Jul

Paul Rand was an incredible American graphic designer and in this video he shares some of his wisdom that is easily applicable to other art forms including photography. I highly recommend watching this video multiple times as he talks about the confusion created by some teaching efforts versus just creating (10 min), solving complex problems with simplicity, and his view on the merits of interactivity in design .

My favorite quotes:

Don’t try to be original. Just be good.
– Paul Rand

Very fitting to hear this this week as I just conveyed the same sentiment to a friend who is in a rut. My broader recommendation to my friend  throw it all to the wind and take photos you like just to get out and get one’s creative juices flowing. More simply put by Mr. Rand…

If you think it’s good, you feel good
– Paul Rand

Now I need to rewatch this again.

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Paul Rand Wisdom to Live By For Artists

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