21 January, 2015 – Time For A Change

21 Jan


It’s been a long time coming.  Like a reliable car that continues to get you where you need to go Luminous-Landscape has been there and going for quite sometime. During the last few years though things have been changing with internet content delivery and the old reliable LuLa was just keeping up.  We have been working very hard for a while now and today we want to share a preview of the NEW Luminous-Landscape.   

Our latest article Time For A Change will walk you through the new look of the site and what to expect in a few weeks when we launch.  This is an exciting time for us and you as the reader.  Everything we have done is to make the experience you have more enjoyable and to deliver more content your way.  Get a preview of the article and come back on February 14, 2015 when the new Luminous-Landscape makes its debut.

The Luminous Landscape – What’s New

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