REEL DEAL – How To Make A 3D Video

28 Jul

Welcome. SUBSCRIBE NOW!! How To Make A Stereoscopic 3D Video – Final Cut Pro Here is a quick tutorial on utilising your edit system to create stereoscopic 3D. Even if you dont have FCP its likely that this process can be transferred to the system you are working on. Enjoy : ) This is “TheREEL Deal – Online Film School” This is a new series of how to movie making tips. We will show you how to make the most of what you’ve got available and make your movies look more professional. STEREOSCOPIC 3D CHANNEL – VIMEO REEL DEEL – FACEBOOK FAN PAGE Subscribe now to follow us from the very beginning as we cover the basics before more advanced filmmaking techniques… INCLUDING: HOW TO: Write Scripts Shoot On Film Light Scenes (Interiors & Exteriors) Record Location Sound Direct Actors Digitally Edit & Add Effects Submit To Film Festivals Distribute & Sell Your Movie Plus… Interviews With Industry Experts (Producers, Directors, Editors and Cinematographers) The Importance of PR Release Forms / Copyright Useful Links & Resources AND Follow us through production on all our latest projects. (Including behind the scenes on a Full Length Feature Film)
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Tomb Raider Anniversary (PC) Level 1 : The Caves 3D is rendered with the iZ3D driver v1.09, works for both Ati and Nvidia graphics cards Full colour 3D version available for 3D monitors and 3DTVs at Meant-To-Be-Seen forums Meant To Be Seen : consumer driven stereo-3D advocacy group
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