100 Cameras — How to Improve Kids’ Lives Through Photography

30 Apr
Photo by Brooke Schwab

Photography is a solo sport. It’s just you and your camera out there!

You’ve asked yourself a million times how you can make a difference with your photo skills, and 100 cameras figured it out.

This non-profit gives cameras to kids in developing communities around the world. Which is so great!

The kids are then able to sell their own photos giving them educational resources, healthcare, and lifeline supplies. Even greater!

These new photogs also learn about empowerment — they first-hand experience their own talent and skill positively affecting their communities.

Remember the first time you felt you could make a difference? Suddenly you felt like you could do so much! One empowering experience is all it takes.

BTW! 100 Cameras is actually raising funds to launch 100 Cameras 2.0, which will let anyone start their own photo community. Helping kids with photography? Sounds like a no-brainer!

Help Kids via 100 Cameras

p.s. Attention gadget lovers – we’re hiring for a Buyer aka Treasure Hunter. Apply here.

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