fifty two heartbeats [verse eight]

07 Apr

A few nice visual art images I found:

fifty two heartbeats [verse eight]
visual art
Image by the|G|™
fifty two heartbeats [a requiem for 2009]

the entire 8 here:

a new decade. new directions. new connections.

this is a beat poem for the eyes in eight parts.

some sections have been considered, some are purely accidental.

fifty two pieces. diverse. from landscape to dada to abstract to portrait. and beyond.

the people, the artists, have made my year better. their gift to me.

this is a visual echo to them. to you.

a new decade.

may it treat you well.



this work is in not in ‘absolute’ order of preference.

though of course, from the beginning, i thought about those who have a deep connection for me, so there is a modicum of ‘hierarchy’.

however, i suddenly remembered people who are dear to me toward the end of the process!! you cannot read too much into your ‘placing’ in the mosaics, and that is as it should be.

if you are not in the mix, i can only apologise. it was quite a lengthy process 😮
i will certainly have forgotten people [i can think of several now] who should have been a part of this process, but a year only contains a finite number of weeks.

you are not forgotten.

the best to all my contacts.

should you be interested in the fundamental reasons for many of my contacts being held in high esteem and great regard, please feel free to cast an eye over my new year video. it explains much with regard to how i view my contacts:

once again.

thank you all, for being who you are.


1. Single Tear, 2. 111109_62, 3. The Damn Devil, 4. Untitled, 5. the road is life, 6. Run, Forrest… Run!, 7. Behind the Net, 8. Untitled

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