Nice Visual Art photos

31 Mar

Check out these visual art images:

Une Grande Dame in Progress, by Millais
visual art
Image by Martin Beek
One of my big interests as an artist is the use made of photography by painters. Millais often used photographs both as a record and to make compositional decisions, this is interesting to see how he painted a typical "Fancy Picture" of 1880’s "Une Grande Dame"
The camera and the artist (set) about the relationship between photographic images and those painted. I hope to use examples from my own practice where photography has been used in both photo-realistic work as well as illustration and other art-forms.

I have used a number of artists whose work I have studied and look at the way photography informed and influenced their visual expression.

As I have scanned a lot of my old work I’m well aware that photography has played and still plays a significant role for me as an artist, indeed in recent years these two practices have overlapped and are no longer distinct paths.

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