Episode 370 – 29-08-2004

31 Jan

Manas assures Abhimanyu that she should be fine and they will have to wait till she regains her consciousness. An upset Abhimanyu pleads with Simran to come around at least for the sake of their daughter. Nagma tells Manu that she will go away but he asks her not to. Saurabh returns to India. Pranay and Rashmi inform him about Simran. The doctor says that there sa possibility of Simran going into a coma. Mrs. Saxena informs Neha about Simran s accident. Abhimanyu is about to leave Simran s side but she holds him back and regains consciousness. Simran asks her father where her mother and Kavita are. Everyone is shocked.
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Gauri pacifies Simran by asking her whether Manu would be happy hurting her. Simran replies that Manu is all alone, so Gauri must stay with her. Manas informs Urmila about Simran and says that Simran must have been worked up before the accident too. Saurabh suggests to Abhimanyu to go home and rest. Rashmi tells Simran that Abhimanyu hasn t gone home from the time she s been unwell. Simran asks him to go home and give some time to Neha and Radha. Neha phones Mrs. Saxena to say that Abhimanyu is at her place and is asleep. Radha watches Neha gently massaging Abhimanyu s forehead. When the maid does not turn up, Nagma volunteers to cook so that Manu and Gauri can go to the hospital. Simran wakes up and starts getting violent.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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