Episode 358 – 04-08-2004

30 Jan

Poonam gives an emotional speech and breaks down. Abhimanyu then tells the audiences about the chain of events. When reporters throw awkward questions at Abhimanyu about Poonam being a call girl, he gives a fit reply. Simran is very touched. Another reporter asks him about his change in profession from a fashion photographer to a reporter. Abhimanyu tells Simran that he is happiest seeing the joy on her face. The representative informs everyone that Verma has handed over Manoj to the cops and resigned from his post. Poonam is overwhelmed. Simran lauds Poonam and the entire team supporting her. Abhimanyu goes to shake Simran s hand but embraces her. Manu prepares for a surprise birthday party for Simran at her place.
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