Episode 662 – 05-01-2006

30 Jan

The doctors operate on Sakshi to donate her eyes to Simran. Shankar narrates to Saurabh about Kiran and Yash. Yash is devastated hearing about Sakshi s death. Nakul returns to India and is shocked to learn that Sakshi is no more. Nakul cremates Sakshi. Shaguna informs Abhimanyu about Sakshi s death and her dying wish. Simran is operated upon, successfully. Kiran taunts to Yash how Simran cleverly manages to win over people to such an extent that Sakshi even gave away her eyes to her. A furious Yash warns Kiran not to speak ill about Sakshi.

Siddhant tells Urmila that Kiran has destroyed Aastha s life. Kiran assures Aastha that Siddhant will return to her. Urmila asks Simran not to blindly trust Aastha. Siddhant decides that he must repay Simran s gratitude, so he proposes marriage to Aastha. He asks her whether she would quit modelling if she loved him a lot. Aastha asks for some time. Kiran tells Aastha that Siddhant does not love her and that this is Simran s ploy. Aastha lambasts Siddhant for dancing to Simran s tunes and says that she will stay with Kiran. Meanwhile, Kiran phones Simran and promises her that she ll never let Aastha return to her.

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