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Magical Photo Project by Gianluca Giannone: The Ships That Sail Through The Clouds

30 Dec

Have you ever seen a boat floating in the air like birds in a movie, drawing or dream? There is a place on Earth where you can witness these floating ships with your own eyes. It’s the small studio of Luigi Prina. There are tons of ships right next to each other sailing in the air. Luigi Prina had been Continue Reading

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Don’t Miss Out: Soon These 12 Photography Training Deals Will Be Gone Forever

30 Dec

With the countdown to the end of 2013 we’re also closing in on the time that our 12 Photography Deals of 2013 will be ending.


In just a few hours (as the calendar ticks over into 2014 US Eastern Time) these fantastic deals will close forever. Among them are some great savings to be had – up to 77% off resources that will help you make 2014 the year of great photos!

The Most Popular Deals of 2013

A number of people have messaged me for my personal recommendations on which deals I think are best. Of course it will depend upon your needs but here are the deals in order of ‘best sellers’ so you can see what others bought this year:

  1. Day 12: $ 10 Day – where we offered 10 dPS (including our portrait lighting, travel photography and kids photography eBooks) for $ 10 each as well as a couple of great $ 10 bundles of eBooks from Ed Verosky and Andrew Gibson.
  2. Day 7: 77% off Living Landscapes – this $ 7 Landscape Photography eBook deal almost took our servers down it was so popular! There’s also an option to bundle it with 4 Jay Patel eBooks.
  3. Day 9: 77% off Photo Nuts and Post – another $ 7 deal, this one on Post Production Techniques is perfect for those of you looking to learn some great Post Processing Techniques (there’s also an option to get all 5 Neil Creek eBooks for $ 90 off!)
  4. Day 11: $ 40 off Kelby Training – this deal gets you hundreds of hours of photography training from some of the world’s best photographers for just cents a day.
  5. Day 5: 65% off Portraits, Making the Shot – our 2nd most popular eBook ever and yours for just $ 7.
  6. Day 6: 75% off The Art of Black and White Photography – for just $ 24 you can get Udemy’s most popular course.
  7. Day 3: 60% off Going Pro – thinking of making money from your photography? This one is for you.
  8. Day 2: 60% off James Brandon’s ’10 Most Common Photography Mistakes and How to Fix Them’ – just $ 12 for this great course.
  9. Day 8: Save 30% on Fro Knows Photo Beginners Guide – if you’re new to photography then this is a great introduction to get you hands on.
  10. Day 1: 65% off our Natural Light eBook – another $ 7 dPS eBook on one of our most popular eBooks. It’ll help you take great natural light images (there’s also an option to get your hands on all 3 Mitchell Kanashkevich eBooks and save $ 35.
  11. Day 10: Save 37% on Mastering Photography eBook By Andrew Gibson – a great beginners guide to using your digital camera.
  12. Day 4: Save 50% on the Amazing Fundamentals of Digital Photography course – 5 massive days of training for just $ 74. The perfect way to set up 2014.

See all these deals on our 12 Days of Christmas page but don’t delay, these deals end as the clock strikes midnight and we see in 2014 (US Eastern time).

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Year in Review: Mobile Traffic Trends at

30 Dec

Seeing that it’s the end of the year I thought I would review my web site metrics and share some trends I’ve noticed regarding mobile usage. Note tomorrow I’ll review some interesting social media trends.

Ever since the iPhone was introduced in 2007 I’ve been keeping an eye on how my web site has been viewed. As mobile operating systems have evolved introducing real web browsers (real in the sense that they closely resemble computer based browsers) I’ve been anticipating that there would be a shift in browsing platforms from computers to mobile devices. There really wasn’t a question of whether it would happen, but when and how fast.

Mobile Site Traffic Trends at JMG-Galleries

This year appears to be noteworthy in that over a 1/4 of my site traffic now comes from visitors on mobile devices (cell phones, tablet computers, etc.). Above is a graph showing the percentage of my web site traffic coming from mobile devices. In short, nearly every year since 2007 traffic from mobile devices has doubled. If this trend holds true then next year could be the first year my site traffic is split between mobile devices and computers.  Earlier in the year I realized I needed to adjust my site design to better accommodate mobile devices and implemented a responsive web template. Doing so could have helped sway the numbers, but I think whether my new web template went into effect or not I’d have seen this type of jump.  Will 2014 be the year that mobile viewing takes over? We’ll see.

How did your web site fare with mobile traffic?

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Year in Review: Mobile Traffic Trends at

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Color-Coded Cars: Time-Collapse Film Reorders Rush Hour

30 Dec

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Photography & Video. ]

color sorted car art

There is no computer-generated imagery behind this surreal-seeming scenography, but rather a skillful remixing of reality to sort actual automobiles by color.

Artist and filmmaker Cy Kuckenbaker explains that his “aim is to reveal the color palette and color preferences of contemporary San Diego drivers in addition to traffic patterns and volumes. There are no CG elements, these are all real cars that have been removed from one sample and reorganized.”

color white black gray

Sure enough, the dominant colors are actually revealed to be anything but colorful – vehicles are mainly white, gray or black, with some reds and blues then very few oranges or yellows. Both lanes below and the overpass ahead are integrated into the artificial choreography.

color blue red cars

Shot in San Diego and reorganized in post-production, the seamless transitions in this film serve to make the piece simultaneously more realistic and implausible. Just imagine your reaction  if you saw something like this actually unfolding on the highway before you.

In a similar previous project, Kuckenbaker captured a series of landings at the San Deigo airport and then overlaid the results of hours of filming. The sky was effectively green-screened so that the planes could be overlapped in front of a seemingly-consistent background.

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30 December, 2013 – Best New Camera of 2013

30 Dec

Yes, I know. Not another "Best of…". But, why not? I’ve used a dozen new cameras this year, and tested and reported on many of them on these pages. But inevitably there is one that keeps asking to go for a walk, to be taken on a trip, and to simply be used more than any other. This year’s hands-down winner is the Olympus OM-D E-M1.

 It wouldn’t be the holiday season without a sale, now would it?
So we’re having a 
25% Off Sale on everything in our online store.

The sale runs from right now through the end of New Year’s Day.
To obtain your 25% off on any purchase just enter…


…in the Coupon Code box when you check-out.

The Luminous Landscape – What’s New

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Best of dPS 2013 – Some of the Most Popular Articles of the Year

30 Dec

To continue on our week of the Best of dPS, today we’ll look at some general topics. We’ve already looked at the Top Landscape articles from 2013, All About Gear, and yesterday we had the Portrait Tutorial Feast. So we’ve covered some of the specific topics that you love to read about. But what if you just want to brush up on some basic camera settings or composition?  Then, check out:

The Best of dPS – the top photography articles in 2013 in no particular order:

  1. ISO Settings in Digital Photography
  2. Introduction to Aperture in Digital Photography
  3. Rule of Thirds
  4. Introduction to Shutter Speed in Digital Photography
  5. Learning about Exposure – The Exposure Triangle
  6. 21 Settings, Techniques and Rules All New Camera Owners Should Know
  7. Raw vs. JPG
  8. Photography Quotes
  9. Digital Photography Tips for Beginners
  10. How to Photograph…
  11. 5 Elements of Composition in Photography
  12. How to photograph sunrises and sunsets
  13. 5 Photography Bad Habits to Quit
  14. Long exposure photography
  15. Why You Should Use Your Lens’ Hood
  16. How to Avoid Camera Shake
  17. Aperture and Shutter Priority Modes

How to Avoid Camera Shake

Did you have other favourites? Share them in the comments below.

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HoJo’s Lost Mojo: 10 Abandoned Howard Johnson’s

30 Dec

[ By Steve in Abandoned Places & Architecture. ]

abandoned Howard Johnson's
Hundreds of orange-roofed Howard Johnson’s hotels, motels and restaurants once served fried clam strips and ice cream to tired, hungry American travelers.

Mistake By The Lake – Cleveland, OH

Howard Johnson's Lakefront Motor Lodge Cleveland abandoned(images via: William Bird, Collisionbend and

Howard Johnson’s Lakefront Motor Lodge opened in 1965, the historical heart of the company’s postwar golden age. Offering spectacular views of Lake Erie and easy access to downtown Cleveland, the 12-story highrise featured a Red Coach Grill restaurant and Cocktail Lounge (how Mad Men!). Clevelanders of a certain age will fondly recall enjoying Howard Johnson’s famous ice cream at the in-house restaurant… and will not-so-fondly recall the longstanding eyesore the building would become.

Howard Johnson's Lakefront Motor Lodge Cleveland abandoned(images via: The Plain Dealer/Marvin Fong and Peace On Earth)

When Howard Brennan Johnson (son of founder Howard Deering Johnson) sold his company in 1979, it set off a decade-long domino effect of ownership changes, none of which helped the chain recover its declining fortunes. Howard Johnson’s Lakefront Motor Lodge epitomized the corporate trainwreck: by 1986 the hotel had lost its Howard Johnson’s branding and stood as an abandoned eyesore until late 2009, when the wrecker’s ball was finally allowed to complete the building’s collapse.

Poolside View – South Carolina

abandoned Howard Johnson's South Carolina I-95(image via: Tim Hill (timojhill))

The I-95 corridor was made for travelers and where there are travelers, you’ll find a Howard Johnson’s… or what used to be one. This moldering abandonment waits silently for either the wrecking ball or a casual arsonist while defiantly wearing its mildewed orange roof as a callout to long past better days. Kudos to Flickr user Tim Hill (timojhill) for infusing just the right amount of subtle menace into the disturbingly distinct photo above. By the way, potential trespassers, the “pool” is closed and diving is NOT recommended.

Architectural Afterlife – Springfield, OH

former Howard Johnson's Springfield Ohio(images via: Debra Jane Seltzer (Roadsidenut) and Host of the Highways)

All dogs may go to heaven but only a few expired Howard Johnson’s make the leap, and the former HoJo’s restaurant off US-40 in Springfield, Ohio is one of them. Would it be flippant to suggest this venerable eatery has been reborn to serve a higher power? Does the collection plate exude the faint aroma of fried clams? Does the whole scenario smack of a yet-untold Simpsons story line? Hey, we’re in Springfield after all.

former Howard Johnson's Springfield Ohio(image via: Scottamus)

Much like old Holiday Inn signs, Howard Johnson’s signs were the faces of the franchise and when a HoJo loses its mojo, the sign is either the last to go or the first remnant to be reused. A tip of the hat to Flickr user Scottamus for the er, heavenly photo from July of 2010 of the former HoJo’s main signage above.

Dayton Blues

Howard Johnson's Parkway Inn Dayton Ohio(images via: Host of the Highways and Scottamus)

The Howard Johnson’s Motor Lodge and restaurant off I-75 in Dayton was built in 1959 and enjoyed the better part of a quarter-century as one of the Ohio city’s prime travel service destinations. All that came to an end in the mid-1980s when the Motor Lodge became first an Econo Lodge, then the unbranded Parkway Inn. The latter closed in 2005 following the shooting death of a patron in a drug deal gone bad. After sitting abandoned for several years, during which the former HoJo’s trademark orange roof threatened to shed its alien coat of dull blue paint, the complex was demolished in April of 2010.

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Hojos Lost Mojo 10 Abandoned Howard Johnsons

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29. Dezember 2013

29 Dec

Ein Beitrag von: Laura Su Lilie

Laura Su Lilie

kwerfeldein – Fotografie Magazin

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Sample Gallery: Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphone images

29 Dec


We couldn’t wait to see Nokia’s first phablet in action. The Lumia 1520 boasts a 20-megapixel PureView camera with optical image stabilization as well as the ability to save uncompressed Digital Negative (DNG) files. We’re working on our full review of the device now and sharing our first sample gallery today on

News: Digital Photography Review (

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browserFruits Dezember, Ausgabe 5

29 Dec

Und schon kommen die letzten browserFruits des Jahres 2013. Wir blicken auf ein erfolgreiches und schönes Jahr zurück und freuen uns bereits auf neue Projekte und Fotografen, die wir 2014 kennenlernen und zeigen dürfen. Wie immer seid auch Ihr gefragt: Wollt Ihr 2014 unser Magazin mit einem Beitrag bereichern, dann lest Euch hier ein.


Fotospecial: Piano





• Wir verlinken Steffen Böttcher ja öfter, aber er macht einfach verdammt gute Bilder und schreibt großartige Texte wie diesen.

• Fotografieren auf Beerdigungen? Warum das nicht abwegig ist, erklärt dieser Text eines Bestatters.

• Auch in Österreich darf sich nun jeder Fotograf nennen und legal als solcher arbeiten, ganz ohne Lehre oder Ausbildung.

• Die Fotocommunity hat jetzt neben der viel kritisierten Galerie auch die Kategorie „Editors’ Choice“ eingeführt, in der ausgewählte Bilder der Herausgeber gezeigt werden. Und diese sind so gut, dass wir sie hier empfehlen wollen.

• Die TAZ empfiehlt die Ausstellung von Christa Zeißig in Braunschweig. „Die Fotografin Christa Zeißig zeigt, wie Globalisierung und Konsumwelt die europäische Landschaft prägen.“

• Fotografin Rosie Holtom fotografierte Obdachlose so, wie sie selbst gern gesehen werden möchten.



• Die Gewinnerbilder des National Geographic Contest 2013 sind atemberaubend.

• Was ist das beste Smartphone für Fotografen? TechHive hat verglichen.

• Warum gaben zwei legendäre Fotografen die Fotografie auf? Alec Soth reflektiert dies anhand Sergio Lerrains Briefen.

• FLTR ist ein frisches Smartphone-Fotografie-Magazin vom British Journal of Photography. Wofür? Für’s iPhone.

• Martin Tremblay stellt die Modefotografie wortwörtlich auf den Kopf.

• Richard Sandler fotografierte in den 80er Jahren die raue Seite von New York City und die Fotos sprechen Bände.

• Beeindruckende Schwarz-in-schwarz-Portraits von Lionel Arnaudie.


Neuerscheinungen und Tipps vom Foto-Büchermarkt


• „Zorn: 55 Prominente“* ist ein Bildband von Axl Klein. 55 Prominente wurden dafür mit wutverzerrtem Gesicht portraitiert. Das Buch erschien im Verlag Gollenstein und kostet 29,90 €.

• Das Magazin „Der Greif“ ist mit seiner siebten Ausgabe erschienen. Für 12,50 € gibt es 133 Fotos und 22 Texte von 136 Künstlern.



• Wollt Ihr „Wildlife Photographer of the Year“ werden? Der Wettbewerb ist unterteilt in einen Erwachsenenwettbewerb mit einer Teilnahmegebür von £30 und einen Nachwunchswettbewerb mit kostenloser Teilnahme, bei dem schon die Jüngsten mitmachen dürfen. Hier findet Ihr die Teilnahmebedingungen auf Deutsch. Einsendeschluss ist der 27. Februar 2014.



Wenn Ihr wissen wollt, wie der New Yorker Paparazzo Jae Donnelly arbeitet, bitte sehr:


Schönes Zeitraffer-Video unseres Planeten. Aufgenommen von der ISS.



Martina Hoogland Ivanow – Speedway
Zeit: 8. Februar – 15. März 2014
Ort: Swedish Photography, Karl-Marx-Allee 62, 10243 Berlin

Delphine Burtin – ENCOUBLE
Zeit: 25. Januar – 23. Februar 2014
Ort: exp12, Greifswalder Str. 217, 10405 Berlin

Mehr aktuelle Ausstellungen


* Das ist ein Affiliate-Link zu Amazon. Wenn Ihr darüber etwas bestellt, erhalten wir eine kleine Provision, Ihr bezahlt aber keinen Cent mehr.

kwerfeldein – Fotografie Magazin

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