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A Review of Think Tank Photo’s “My 2nd Brain”

30 Sep

Think Tank has just launched a new line of bags, setting their sights this time not only on the photographic community, but on the Mac-obsessed public at large. My 2nd Brain is a laptop/iPad case that comes in four sizes and three colors (Black, Harbor Blue, and Green Mist), and is designed specifically around the dimensions of Apple products like the 15″ and 13″ MacBook Pros, the 11″ MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, and all of the cords, cables, chargers, converters, and other accessories that have to travel along with them. Unless you drop in a small point-and-shoot, this is one Think Tank bag that’s not for cameras.


First Impressions

If you have ever owned a Think Tank camera bag this is going to sound very familiar. Fresh out of the box, you know you are holding a quality product in your hands that has been thoughtfully designed and built to last. High-quality, reinforced stitching, a comfortable shoulder strap, and the best zippers around help make up a durable, water-resistant exterior that’s sure to protect what’s inside without adding any unnecessary added bulk.  At first glance, you’re going to think that this bag can’t possibly hold very much. Then you are going to open it and be proven pleasantly wrong. The same attention to detail extends to the inside of the bag, where you’ll find dedicated pockets specifically for your iPad, iPhone, and laptop.


The accessory section of the bag takes up the most room, and has both see-through zippered and open-mesh pockets– plenty of room for power adapters and cords, as well as chargers, ear buds, keys, wallet, and just about any other reasonably sized item you might need to pack. An exterior zippered pocket on the front of the bag keeps pens, business cards, and small paperwork organized, while a pocket on the back is perfect for file folders, note pads, or magazines. This bag makes an awesome first impression.


Second Impressions

There are a few minor areas where I see room for a little bit of improvement in Version 2. I always have my phone in either a pants or jacket pocket, so I can at least feel it vibrate, even if I am someplace where I won’t be able to hear it. Unless I’m in a fairly quiet location, there is no way for me to hear my phone ring while in the M2B15, even at a pretty high volume. Additionally, the bag hangs in a vertical orientation. Another D-ring at the other end of the bag would be welcome, giving the user the added option of changing the connecting points for the strap, thus allowing it to be carried in a horizontal position as well.

My only other criticism stems from the very fact that this line of bags was designed around specific products with very specific dimensions. For instance, while a 15″ MacBook Pro fits perfectly in the laptop section of the bag, virtually any other 15″ laptop is going to be too thick for the zipper to close without a fight.  Think Tank’s Artificial Intelligence line of laptop cases is a viable option for non-Apple users, but that leaves out the “hybrid consumer” who uses an iPad and a non-Apple laptop. I think that leaving just a little bit of extra room could have accomplished the goal just as effectively without sacrificing anything in the way of padding and protection.



This bag is yet another great addition to the Think Tank family. Quality construction and convenience have always been Think Tank trademarks and the M2B is no exception. It is designed to keep you organized and mobile, without skimping on security or peace of mind. It does exactly what it says it does and it does it well.  In the final analysis, how much more can you ask of it?

Check out the video for more information on My 2nd Brain.

Post originally from: Digital Photography Tips.

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A Review of Think Tank Photo’s “My 2nd Brain”

Digital Photography School

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By: What have I been up to? ||

30 Sep

[…] Photowalking […]

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Floors So Vain: The World’s Ten Tallest Vanity Heights

29 Sep

[ By Steve in Architecture & Offices & Commercial. ]

CTBUH Vanity Height Top 10
The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH for short) has coined the term “vanity height” to describe the empty, unoccupied space atop the world’s tallest towers. Here are the top ten wasteful Supertalls from the top down.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE: 244m/800.5ft of Vanity

CTBUH Burj Khalifa Dubai(image via:

The CTBUH has been using the term “supertall” to describe skyscraping buildings at least 300m (984.25ft) in height and has recently added the term “megatall” for buildings over 600m (1,968.5ft) high. All of the buildings on our list are at least 309m (1,013.75ft) tall but Dubai’s 828m (2,719ft) tall Burj Khalifa truly belongs in a class of its own.

CTBUH Burj Khalifa Dubai(images via: Business Insider and Izismile)

The Burj Khalifa’s staggering height is a bit misleading, however, if one takes the CTBUH Vanity Height factor into account. Fully 29% of the structure is non-occupiable – that works out to 244m (800.5ft), higher than a host of notable skyscrapers that DO offer renters and owners a significant amount of useable commercial and residential space.

Zifeng Tower, Nanjing, China: 133m (436.5ft) of Vanity

CTBUH Zifeng Tower Nanjing(image via: Skyscraper City)

The 450m (1,480ft) tall Zifeng Tower boasts 89 stories and was completed in 2010. Looking out the window on an 89th-floor suite won’t get you the view you expect, however, as the top 30% of the building is non-occupiable. Formerly known as the Nanjing Greenland Financial Center, the building was designed by a team led by Adrian Smith of Gordon Gill Architecture.

CTBUH Zinfeng Tower Greenland Nanjing(images via: Forbes and Jeffchenbiao)

The Zifeng Tower still offers tenants and visitors 317m (1,040ft) of practical and accessible space, with the upper floors providing a spectacular view of downtown Nanjing from any direction. Restaurants, a hotel and a public observatory are stacked atop a mix of retail and office space in the Zifeng Tower’s lower section. Amusingly, the building’s official website header reads “GREEDLAND PLAZA/ZIFENG TOWER”… we realize this is a commercial endeavor but could the owners be a little less obvious?

Bank of America Tower, New York, USA: 131m (429.8ft) of Vanity

CTBUH_ Bank of America Tower New York(image via: Panoramio/Ken Fries)

Too big to fail? Not according to CTBUH who note the 366m (1,200.8ft) tall Bank of America Tower in midtown Manhattan offers a mere 235m (771ft) of occupiable height to its tenants. That works out to a whopping 36% measurement of non-occupiable height. Not the ideal return on investment for the billion-dollar project, one might say.

CTBUH Bank of America Tower New York(images via: Horizon Solutions Site and Curbed)

On the bright side, COOKFOX Architects designed the Bank of America Tower to be one of the world’s most efficient and ecologically friendly buildings. Admirable indeed but the building, completed in 2009, needs asterisks added to its claims to be the third tallest building in New York City (after One World Trade Center and the Empire State Building) and the fifth tallest building in the United States… and you can bank on that.

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Floors So Vain The Worlds Ten Tallest Vanity Heights

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[ By Steve in Architecture & Offices & Commercial. ]

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What’s new in Photoshop CC for Photographers

29 Sep

Photoshopcc for photographers opener

The new Photoshop CC hasn’t launched without a lot of controversy. There are some very valid reasons not to like the fact that the only way to get your hands on this new release is via the Creative Cloud. However, putting delivery methods and subscription software issues aside, let’s look at what is in the new Photoshop CC for photographers so you can see what you’ll get if you upgrade or what you’re foregoing access to if you don’t.

Photoshop CC has a few new additions and one update that will be of interests to photographers. There’s little here that you can’t live without but some of these additions you may want to live with!

Liquify as a Smart Object

In previous versions of Photoshop the Liquify filter was one of the few filters that you could not apply to a Smart Object layer. That meant that any changes that you made using the Liquify Filter were permanent changes to the image which could not be undone, and they couldn’t be easily altered or blended back into the image in a non-destructive way. Now it’s possible to apply the Liquify Filter to a Smart Object layer so that the edits that you make to the image using the liquify filter can be edited later on if desired. They can be removed by disabling the filter, they can be blended using a layer blend mode, masked and edited.

Photoshopcc for photographers 1

ACR as a Filter

New to Photoshop CC is the ability to apply changes which previously could only be made in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) to an image from inside Photoshop. The new Camera Raw Filter lets you apply ACR edits to a layer and even to a Smart Object layer in Photoshop. This makes almost all the tools in ACR available to be used in Photoshop as an editable filter. To access this feature, choose Filter > Camera Raw filter.

Photoshopcc for photographers 2

Squaring up objects with Upright

While not technically an addition to Photoshop, the Upright feature is new to Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) for Photoshop CC. So, if you have Photoshop CC, you have access to Upright in ACR (and as a filter adjustment via the Camera Raw filter too).

The Upright tool can automatically straighten an image and remove keystone distortion which is apparent when shooting tall buildings, for example. It is found in ACR in the Lens Correction panel – click the Manual tab.

Photoshopcc for photographers 3

Fix blurry images

The new Shake Reduction filter in Photoshop CC helps deal with blurry images. It won’t fix them all and, of course it’s always preferable to get the image sharp in camera, but it can fix some burry shots particularly those captured in good light with a zoom lens and it can help sharpen text in images.

To find the tool, choose Filter > Sharpen > Shake Reduction.

Photoshopcc for photographers 4

ACR features in Photoshop CC

In addition to the Upright feature available in ACR there are other new and improved features in ACR that you can access if you have Photoshop CC. These include the improved Spot Removal tool which can be used like a paintbrush to select an element in an image to fix – this makes it easier to use where the problem area is not circular. In addition the new Radial Gradient tool lets you add a radial gradient to an image to apply fixes and creative effects.

Photoshopcc for photographers 5

A Better Upsampling algorithm

You may already know that there are problems inherent in enlarging images because Photoshop needs to make additional pixels where pixels did not previously exist. The new resizing algorithm in Photoshop CC improves the results when you are enlarging an image.

Choose Image > Image Size and enlarge the dialog so that you can see things clearly on the screen. Set the final image size, for example if you want to enlarge by 200 percent set 200 percent as the width and height. Click the Resample checkbox and from the dropdown list choose the new Preserve Details (Enlargement) option. The preview image shows the result of upsizing using this option.

This new algorithm helps you enlarge images for printing retaining the sharpness in the image and avoiding pixelated edges.

Photoshopcc for photographers 6

Updated Smart Sharpen Filter

Sharpening has been improved in Photoshop CC with changes to the Smart Sharpen filter. To see it at work choose Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen and again enlarge the dialog so that you can see the effect on the image. You can now adjust the Amount and the Radius for the sharpening. Typically radius should be in the region of 0.5 to 1.5 pixels for most images. You can also choose to reduce noise as you sharpen. The shadows and highlights area allows you to fade sharpening, for example, in the shadow areas applying it more strongly to the highlights where noise will be less visible. You can also select to remove Gaussian blur, Lens blur or Motion blur if these blur issues affect your image.

Photoshopcc for photographers 7

Adaptive wide angle

The new Adaptive Wide Angle Filter helps you remove problems encountered when shooting with wide angle lenses. Choose Filter > Adaptive Wide Angle and choose the problem to correct from the Correction dropdown list. Set the sliders for the Focal Length and Crop factor to remove distortion. You can also draw on the image to add constraints. These lines should be positioned over objects in the image that you want to be straight. Photoshop will use the constraints to determine the correction to apply to the image and, as a result, you can remove much of the distortion problems with an image. This filter can be applied using a Smart Object layer so that the results will be editable.

Photoshopcc for photographers 8

Behance integration

Behance is a community where you can showcase your work so that others, including businesses looking to find creatives, can find you and examples of your work. If you use, or plan to use, the Behance online creative community then you will appreciate that you can now post images from Photoshop CC direct to Behance. To do this you choose File > Share to Behance.

Photoshopcc for photographers 9

Regular Program Updates

One benefit of the new Photoshop CC which Adobe is encouraging is program updates. Delivery via the Creative Cloud means that Adobe can now deliver program updates as they become available rather than having to wait for the next new release. This means that fixes for problems can be rolled out more quickly. Of course this can be a double edge sword – if you’re on a slow connection or you have a capped internet service – the frequency and size of these can be time consuming and expensive to download and install.

Photoshopcc for photographers 10

New Pricing for Photographers

Adobe copped a lot of flak from users over the bundling and pricing of its Creative Cloud applications. As a result, it was recently announced that users with Photoshop CS3 or later could sign up for the Photoshop Photograph Program. This limited time offer (it expires December 31, 2013), gives you access to Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, Bridge CC, 20GB of cloud storage and a Behance ProSite. It requires an annual commitment and is USD $ 9.99 plus taxes billed monthly (check the website for the cost in your local currency).

Photoshopcc for photographers 11

Post originally from: Digital Photography Tips.

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What’s new in Photoshop CC for Photographers

Digital Photography School

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Fair use? US stamp featuring photo of monument nets sculptor $650,000

29 Sep


Heard the one about the sculptor awarded over half a million dollars because a stamp was made including a war memorial he’d designed? At first that may sound surprising, but reading the court’s judgement (and the rejections of the various defenses put forward by the US Postal Service), is an informative lesson about copyright and fair use. Click here to read more.

News: Digital Photography Review (

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browserFruits September #5

29 Sep

Was macht man am besten, wenn die Tage kürzer und kälter werden? Wir empfehlen Euch, die Galerien und Museen unsicher zu machen und ein paar Ausstellungen zu besuchen. In unserem Ausstellungskalender haben wir immer aktuelle Ausstellungen nach Städten sortiert.


Fotospecial: Wir sind nicht allein





• Vom 9. bis zum 13. Oktober findet in Frankfurt zum wiederholten Male die Buchmesse statt. In Halle 4.1 gibt es auch Bildbände und Fotobücher, zum Beispiel beim Stand des deutschen Fotobuchpreises.

• Ihr habt eine gute Fotobuchidee? Dann versucht es doch mal bei 100 Fans, einer neuen Crowdfoundingplattform für Bücher.

• Blickfang zeigt das neueste Shooting von Dominik Mentzos für die Lufthansa.



• Tony Ray-Jones fotografierte zusammen mit Meyerowitz und Winogrand – und das auch noch in Farbe. Seine Straßenaufnahmen haben auch Martin Parr inspiriert, der in seiner Karriere ebenfalls einen Wechsel von Farbe zu schwarzweiß durchführte. Die BBC berichtet.

• Test: Wie gut seht Ihr Farbe? P.S. Teilt uns Euer Ergebnis als Kommentar mit, wenn Ihr Euch traut.

• Jim C. Hines ahmt die Posen von bekannten und unbekannten Filmpostern auf eine höchst amüsante Art und Weise nach.

• Hier werden zehn Fotografen vorgestellt, die gern und gut mit Licht malen.

• Schlafende Paare, die bald Eltern werden, hat Fotografin Jana Romanova dokumentiert.

• Was bringt uns Social Media? Manchmal ist es gut, ein wenig auf die Bremse zu treten und sich zu überlegen, wo man etwas postet und warum. Jamie Furlong schrieb sechs Gründe auf, warum Social Media sogar schlecht für die Fotografie sein kann.

• Project Unbreakable zeigt seit 2011 Fotos von Vergewaltigungsopfern mit den Sprüchen der Täter auf Karton.

• Jeder kennt das Foto von Nick Út, auf dem die neunjährigen Phan Th? Kim Phúc zusammen mit anderen Kindern nach dem Napalmangriff auf Vietnam 1972 die Straße entlang rennt. Die Geschichte des Mädchens wird hier erzählt.

• Warum sich das 25-jährige Modell Avril Nolan auf einmal in einer Werbekampagne für Menschenrechte mit den Worten „I AM POSITIVE(+).“ und „I HAVE RIGHTS.“ wiederfand.


Neuerscheinungen und Tipps vom Foto-Büchermarkt


• In „Untold – Die Geschichten hinter den Bildern“* gibt es genau das, was der Titel verspricht. Steve McCurry gibt Einblicke in die Hintergründe von 14 seiner bedeutendsten Fotoreportagen. 50 € kostet das Buch.

• „Airtropolis“* von Werner Bartsch zeigt Bilder eines Großflughafens. Einen guten Einblick in das Projekt bekommt man auf der Homepage des Fotografen.



• Auf I shot it! gibt es regelmäßig Wettbewerbe. Das Preisgeld richtet sich nach der Teilnehmeranzahl, denn die Teilnahmegebühr fließt zum Teil in das Preisgeld ein. Zudem gibts es als Hauptpreis auch immer eine Leica, da die Firma Hauptaktionär ist.



Brooke Shaden stellt bei FRAMED ihre Inspiration, die Fotografin Marico Fayre vor.



Rüdiger Beckmann – Beyound Vanity
Zeit: 11. – 18. Oktober 2013
Ort: Galerie Frei, Köln

Men at Work, Fotografien von Jörg Rubbert
Zeit: 6. Oktober – 29. November 2013
Ort: Galerie-Café Village Voice, Berlin

Anja Manfredi – Bewegungsbilder
Zeit: 03. Oktober – 21. Dezember 2013
Ort: OstLicht, Absberggasse 27, 1100 Wien

Mehr aktuelle Ausstellungen


* Das ist ein Affiliate-Link zu Amazon. Wenn Ihr darüber etwas bestellt, erhalten wir eine kleine Provision, Ihr bezahlt aber keinen Cent mehr.

kwerfeldein – Fotografie Magazin

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Maternity Photography – 7 Tips for Taking Great Shots

29 Sep

In this tutorial Natalie Norton shares 7 great tips for great Maternity Photography.

7 Tips for Creative Maternity Photography

When I first began doing maternity work I made a pledge. A commitment I swore I’d stand by through thick and thin. I promised myself I’d never take “the maternity picture.” You know the one. Daddy’s arms around mommy’s belly with hands affectionately forming… gag… excuse me… a heart. There’s NOTHING wrong with this photo. AT ALL. Calm your rage oh you who just did this exact shot this afternoon.

It’s just that I didn’t want to do the typical maternity image that every mother who’s every had her belly photographed has in one of her 9 baby albums (9 for the first child that is… 1 for the second…a few images in an envelope somewhere for the third… and oh, that poor fourth child, he has to borrow pictures from his brother when he’s highlighted on the bulletin board in Kindergarten). I marched right into that first session ready to stand by my commitment to creativity! I’d no sooner pulled out my camera than mom, all giddy with excitement, said “Woo! Can we do that shot with Daddy’s arms around me and our hands forming a heart over my belly button?!?” I stood by that pledge of mine for a full… well, 2.4 seconds. Of course I did the shot. But guess what? I did a lot of other stuff that she’d never have dreamed of. Guess which image DID NOT get purchased. Belly button heart.

7 Maternity Photography Tips

Here’s 7 tips toward creative maternity photography:

1. The Great Outdoors:

So many maternity sessions are done in studio. I understand the reasons behind this. I’ve been pregnant. 3 times over. I’m not the petite and pretty pregnant. I’m the gal you find wedged between the double doors at The Sizzler. Studio shoots are great because there’s privacy. I can’t argue with that. Particularly if you’re going to do anything in less than a fully clothed state (that’s my PC way of saying naked). But there’s something about being outside. Taking that natural beauty of a woman who’s ready to bring new life into the world and placing her in the majesty of the great outdoors is simply breathtaking.

maternity photography-1

Maternity Photography

2. At Home:

When you shoot a mommy-to-be in her own home she’s comfortable to let go in a way that she may not be otherwise. This is a fantastic reason to hold maternity sessions at home. This is not however why I do it. As a photographer I feel like it’s my responsibility to help my subjects feel comfortable and capable of giving me their best, no matter where we’re shooting. I pride myself on my ability to do this. To me, it’s a HUGE part of my success as a photographer (Uh oh. I feel a post in this regard coming on… check back soon). I shoot maternity sessions at home primarily because it’s wonderful for a couple to have a capture that truly shows what their life was like at the time their baby came to be a part of their family. I’m a second generation photographer so I’ve got some really lovely shots of my sweet momma awaiting my arrival. My favorite however is a simple picture of her standing by my bassinet with her hand on her tummy. I CHERISH it.

maternity photography-2

3. Simplify:

No matter where you shoot, studio, home, outside, 7Eleven, you’ve got to simplify your surroundings. The beauty of a mother anticipating the arrival of her child should be captured in a way that allows the miracle to speak for itself. Pregnancy doesn’t require anything “else” to be present in a photograph to help tell it’s story. Everything in the frame that may not belong will simply serve to distract from the story that’s already being told, naturally. Pay attention to background.

maternity photography-3

4. Help Her Feel Beautiful

Women don’t generally feel very sexy when they’re pregnant. Understandably so, and trust me I connect with this feeling as much as the next gal. But just because an expectant mother doesn’t feel sexy, that doesn’t mean she’s not totally knock out. Bring that out in her. Pull that beauty out of her. A good way to do this is by talking as you shoot. It’s perfectly appropriate to say things like: “That’s beautiful!” “Yes, perfect!” “Oh that’s just LOVELY.” “Pregnancy looks good on you girl!” Whatever works! If you’re a male photographer you’ll need to be careful about what you say in this crazy world of sexual harassment, but you’re even more capable of pulling the beauty out of her than a female photographer. It’s one thing when your girlfriend tells you you’re beautiful, but when your girlfriend’s brother tells you that you’re looking good, you actually believe it. Obviously be careful and be genuine. The success of this tip will depend on your personality, but you can help her help herself. If she feels pretty she’ll look a whole heck of a lot better. It’s that simple.

maternity photography-4

5. Highlight Relationship:

Hopefully new babies are coming into a loving home. I always try to include photographs that highlight the tender relationship between mom and dad, because bringing a child into the world with someone is arguably love in it’s purest form.

maternity photography-5

6. Don’t Forget the Siblings… or the dog for that matter:

Remember that often a baby is coming into an established family unit (not to say that Mom and Dad alone aren’t an “established family unit” but for the sake of my point, go with me on this one). If the siblings are available, make sure to include them in at least a few frames. I have to mention the dog, because I’ve got a sister-in-law who’s dog, Wanda (seriously that’s her name) is her pride and joy. When she and her hubby have kids, you can trust that Wanda will be right there in at least a handful of her maternity photos. She’s as much a part of the family as the next guy.

maternity photography-6

7. Give ‘em Something Different:

Don’t just shoot what’s always been shot. This is a good general rule of photography. I really try to be “consistently inconsistent” (I recently heard another photographer, Nate Kaiser of, use this term and I had to pirate it). Let me explain, you’ve got to approach each shoot as it’s own. I’m very committed as a photographer to tailoring each shoot for the subject I’m photographing. Like I said before, this is a good general rule that applies particularly to maternity photography. Even though millions and millions of mothers have given birth to millions and millions of babies for millions and millions of years, a momma-to-be needs to feel like her pregnancy is miraculous, special and sacred, that the things she’s experiencing are unique only to her. Because they are.

maternity photography-7

Happy Shooting!!

Post originally from: Digital Photography Tips.

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Maternity Photography – 7 Tips for Taking Great Shots

Digital Photography School

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28. September 2013

29 Sep

Ein Beitrag von: Paul Weber

Portrat, Mann mit Bart, Langer Bart, Augen, Grau, Paul Weber, Gradibus, Bokeh, Augen, Nase, Kopftuch, Lippen, Rau, Alt, Altwerden

kwerfeldein – Fotografie Magazin

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28 September, 2013 – Capturing a Mysterious Incident

29 Sep

During their testing of the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Chris, Kevin, and Michael witnessed a strange occurance. A brief video, which they were able to capture shows what happened. You may view this on the site’s Home Page.


The Luminous Landscape – What’s New

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Ghost Food: A Conceptual Taste of the Future of Eating

28 Sep

[ By Delana in Conceptual & Futuristic & Technology. ]

smell and texture analog for extinct foods

Drive around any mid-size to large city and you’re destined to find a number of food trucks. In recent years they’ve become almost as ubiquitous as traditional stationary restaurants. A truck called GhostFood is throwing a very unusual hat into the ring by offering their customers not real food, but the experience of food.

ghostfood facial apparatus

GhostFood, a “participatory performance” from Miriam Simun and Miriam Songster (yup, a double-Miriam team) is meant to simulate the experience of eating foods that could soon be extinct. A 3D printed headpiece attaches to a visitor’s face just like glasses and replicates the olfactory profile of certain foods. A substitute edible substance with a texture identical to the “ghost food” is provided. The scent and texture combined trick the mind into believing that the actual food is being consumed.

endangered foods

The project is meant to increase awareness of the possible future of food. The GhostFood truck will serve up the experiences of eating cod eggs, peanut butter, and chocolate – all of which face the possibility of disappearance due to climate change. In the case of cod eggs, changing seawater salinity is increasingly causing them to sink rather than float, making them both inaccessible to humans and unable to hatch and form the next generation of cod.

foods in danger of becoming extinct

Peanuts are affected in multiple ways by climate change. Drier growing periods mean that it’s more difficult to harvest the peanuts, and shortened winters cause a mold called aflatoxin. The mold doesn’t actually harm the peanuts themselves, but it is toxic to humans. Chocolate is in a delicate situation thanks to drought, deforestation, and changing global temperatures. Although the artists are drawing attention to the unstable futures of these foods, they aren’t trying to educate or preach a certain ideology. Their goal is simply to demonstrate what our eating experiences might be like in the future when our favorite foods are no longer available on supermarket shelves.

(via: Edible Geography)

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[ By Delana in Conceptual & Futuristic & Technology. ]

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