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Advanced Photoshop Compositing Tutorial

14 Jun

Commercial Photographer Chris Nuzzaco conducts an in depth tutorial explaining advanced Photoshop compositing techniques. He covers channel based masking and selection, altering lighting in an image, using clipping masks, color correction, and best practices for high quality export. License My Photos: Follow Me on Flickr! Twitter Stock Me: License the yoga image in this video:


Johnnie Walker ??3D Projection Mapping ??????????

14 Jun

Johnnie Walker celebrated the launch of a new Green Label bottle with a first ever Johnnie Walker Green Label 3D projection event. JL Design rose to the challenge of creating the content in 4 weeks from pre-production to effect testing to the delivery of a visually stunning 5-minute film. The client had a fixed idea of how the four core flavors of the Green Label were to be presented. Our team, despite the restrictions, produced the striking CG effects. The historical building in Huashan1914, Creative Park, Taipei, became the architectural canvas for the projection of the Johnnie Walker Green Label film that saw history and technology come together in a splendid visual-audio display. Credits Design & Event Company: Big Bright Room Co. Creative Director: I Ju Huang Storyboard: Chi Yao Wang Technical Consultant: Tien Hung Wang Project Coordinator: Chia Hao Yang JL Design Creative Director: JL Executive Producer: Angela Moo Art Direction: JL Project Manager: Shirley Yang Head of Production: Chih Chung Tso CG Lead: Zoe Tsai Designer / Compositor: Showy Lin, Utsuo Chen, Lance Wei 3D Artist: Chih Chung Tso, Zoe Tsai, Gilbert Chu, Chan Chia Chang, Weiting Chen Original Music: Rockid Lee Sound Effects: Peter Pan


LG Thrill Hands On – 3D Superphone for AT&T!

14 Jun

LG Thrill Hands On – 3D Superphone for AT&T! For more tech reviews and news, check us out at: Follow Us on Twitter Like Us on Facebook: The LG Thrill is on its way to AT&T. I got a chance to spend a little bit of time with the phone last month in NYC, and last week the phone made another appearance at an AT&T event where Jon was able to get a video walkthrough of the handset’s features with an LG representative. The obvious biggest draw of the Thrill is going to be its 3D capabilities. The phone is able to capture 3D pictures and video and can also display 3D content glasses-free. LG has also partnered with YouTube 3D, allowing you to upload 3D video directly from the phone to YouTube to share with friends. Here’s a quick rundown of the specs, check out the video above for a walkthrough of the phone in action and tell us what you think in the comments below! LG Thrill Specs 4.3″ parallax-barrier LCD screen Android 2.2 (eventually upgradeable to 2.3) 1GHz dual-core/dual-channel processor 2 rear-facing 5-megapixel cameras for 3D video and photo capture 1080p 30fps 2D video capture 720p 24fps 3D video capture microSD, microSDHC expansion up to 32GB
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13 Jun

THUMBS UP! A LOST EPISODE 2ND HALF 🙂 RTSD: One of my favorite hobbies, photography!. Oh and enjoy that lost episode i though i lost in a memory card of mine! LIKE/FAV! FACEBOOK! TWITTER: @narvaezjorge Mailing Address: 3910 University Ave #300-RC San Diego CA 92105 GOOGLE PLUS: Royalty Free Music by Who are we? SPANISH Who are we? Please read: ENGLISH I’M JUST A FATHER OF TWO WORKING MY WAY THROUGH LIFE. CHECK OUT THE REST OF OUR CHANNEL!! SUBSCRIBE!! — “Jorge Narvaez” Eliana Alexa Home Our Journey Rebuilding Together “San Diego” “America’s got Talent 2012” Shaytards Realitychangers Vons Community Latino Hispanic Work Educate Help Charity Safeway Campaign Team Effort Together Rebuild Remodel House Project Casa Hogar Familia Ayuda Cominidad Latina Support Cause Struggle Human Rights Photography Photographer

Gordon Parks was a true modern renaissance man with achievements in many fields. Among his many accomplishments, he was a groundbreaking photographer who’s images had a deep impact on our culture.
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Most beautiful speed-timelapse ever!

13 Jun

The Sky Symphony Beethoven – Symphony No.7 In A Major, Op.92- II. Allegretto
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This is a follow up video to my first on this lens, very good purchase.


Sarah Moon: A Master Speaks

10 Jun

“How can one live without hope and longing?”
-Sarah Moon

Sara Moon and her work have always been a big inspiration for me. Her work is soulful, it’s work that obviously comes from a very deep and emotional person because it provokes the viewer in a deep and meaningful way. Her work is pure. I’m sure she has never had her work in photoshop, ever. I love that about it. It’s grainy, soft focused, blurry at times and utterly flawless. I recently found this video and 5 seconds in, I was hooked. To hear one of the great masters of fashion photography speak her mind about the art and the craft is a gift. And so I listened and learned. I replayed one section over a few times. It was so beautiful, the way she described her process of shooting fashion. It reminded me of my own process, my own desire to capture a moment, an instant where everything makes sense to me and the line between reality and delusion is blurred. I believe magic resides on that line, and magic is what I as a photographer, try to create. I want to seduce my viewers and please my audience with visual pleasure. The section I am speaking of is where she talks about how she has the model in front of her but she’s not “seeing” the shot. So she waits. The model becomes discouraged. She take a few photographs to appease the model but still, nothing. She begins to panic, telling herself she doesn’t want to be a photographer anymore ( I can’t tell you how many times I say this to myself and others. You’d be surprised, probably). But then something changes! Maybe, she says, I’m at the right place at the right time. Or maybe it’s because she starts to believe in it. But for a split second she sees a sparkle of beauty passing by and then everything goes so quickly within that stillness and she’s carried away….at last she likes what she is seeing and she can’t stop finding it and then losing it. All day long she keeps on, because it once existed.

And that is absolutely the process for me of taking photographs. Chasing something I see that lasted a second. A moment of grace. A moment of beauty. Sometimes it can never be recaptured.Sometimes it’s gone, disappeared, never to return. But I’ll tell you what….. I’m going to die trying.

Some of Sarah’s work:

Fashion Photography Blog – A Resource for Fashion Photographers, Created by One.

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Where the Green River Is Really Green – Flaming Gorge to Browns Park

10 Jun

After recent 4 days of paddling in Canyonlands I took a longer to return back to Colorado.

I spent one day exploring with camera rock art in Nine Mile Canyon in northeastern Utah. Then, I took tour on Flaming Gorge Dam and drove down the Green River through Browns Park to Colorado. The Green River is really very green and clear below the dam. I hope to return back to this section of the river with a kayak or, maybe, a packraft.

Green River at Little Hole, Utah
Green River at Little Hole, Utah
valley of Green River, Utah
Overview of a Green River valley near Browns Park, Utah
Green River at Browns Park, Utah
Green River below historic John Jarvie Ranch

I added these three pictures to my stock photography portfolio together with a few others from our paddling down the Green River from the town of the same name to the confluence and up the Colorado River to Potash near Moab.

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paddling with a camera

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Factual Game Facts About Facts – Occupy Bowser’s Castle Enlightened the Minions

10 Jun Click here to watch Life Would Be Irritating if it Were Like a Bethesda Game Occupy Bowser’s Castle Enlightened the Minions. Bowser’s minions demand changes to how they operate. DIRECTOR’S CHANNEL: DIRECTOR’S FACEBOOK COMPOSER’S CHANNEL: Machinima Happy Hour is home to the best animation and shorts Machinima has to offer. Check back every weekend for updates on all your favorite shows like Sanity Not Included, Two Best Friends Play, Freeman’s Mind, Sonic For Hire and more! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – This video will show you: How to make Machinima How to play Mario How to animate – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Like Machinima on Facebook! Prove your gaming skills on the Respawn Army app FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO:
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Get ready to go a little bit country with THE FOX AND THE HOUND 2. The classic tale of friendship and loyalty, Tod and Copper still go together like an itch and a scratch, but when Copper gets a shot at the big time with a nutty group of hound dog howlers, their purebred friendship is put to the test. Experience an irresistible adventure of THE FOX AND THE HOUND 2.


Cool Visual Art images

10 Jun

A few nice visual art images I found:

visual art
Image by asterix611
Public Art: Molly Dilworth’s "Cool Water, Hot Island" 2010 – Times Square, Manhattan NYC, – 07/28/10

visual art
Image by asterix611
Public Art: Molly Dilworth’s "Cool Water, Hot Island" 2010 – Times Square, Manhattan NYC, – 07/28/10

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[MODIFIED] Google Chrome – Prompt Where to Save Downloaded Files

10 Jun

Have Google Chrome ask you where to save downloaded files instead of placing them in a default location.

By default, Google Chrome places all downloaded files in a “Downloads” directory underneath your main user folder. For example, if your username is “John” and you are running Windows 7, downloads are placed in the folder: C:\Users\John\Downloads.

While many people may find this location acceptable and appreciate Google Chrome downloading files immediately without an added dialog box, power users may wish to be prompted every time a file is to be downloaded. This way you can choose where to place each file, putting movies in one folder, games in another, and utilities in yet another folder, for example….

Read more at MalekTips.
New Computer and Technology Help and Tips – MalekTips.Com

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