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Cold Shoe Your Monoblocs for Better Radio Performance

30 Mar

Here's an idea that is so simple I am surprised it did not strike me sooner.

It's one of several neat little design improvements in the new Einsteins, but it never occurred to me how cheap and easy it would be to retrofit my old AlienBees. Read more »


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Photography Lincoln Rd Miami, Using a Nikon D90

30 Mar

went for a sunday photoshoot , took some pics and compiled some pics I have in this video I hope you enjoy!

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Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X review

30 Mar


We’ve just posted our review of the Canon PowerShot G1 X. Rather than going down the mirrorless camera route, Canon has opted to create a large sensor zoom compact. The result is the G1 X, a camera that offers a near-APS-C-sized sensor in a slightly enlarged G-series body. With its 28-112mm equivalent, F2.8-5.8 stabilized lens, it offers similar capability to an entry-level DSLR in a more convenient package. So how does the G1 X stack-up as a more compact Rebel replacement? Read our review to find out.

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Photoshop Tutorial: The Secrets of Color Correction

28 Mar

Secret Photoshop Tips: Tow to change colors on shirts, on cars and on almost any other image, through colorization.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


Hyundai Accent 3D projection mapping

28 Mar

Wow…this was an awesome video created for the Accent. Check out the cool graphics. It highlights the new slogan “New Thinking. New Possibilities.” and showcases the Accent in many way. Enjoy this clip!


Star Wars Empire 3D Poster – YT3D Version

28 Mar

Enhanced Dimensions presents our Star Wars Empire 3D Poster – YT3D Version. Developed in conjunction with Zoltan Simon who has a huge range of Star Wars related designs. Built and tested in Adobe After Effects as Cyan Red anaglyph. Website is currently in development. For more info on Enhanced Dimensions view our showreel or contact us on – http For more info on Zoltan’s designs visit his site at Stereoscopic 3D Animation by Andrew Murchie

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getitdigital review: Nikon D300s vs. Canon EOS 7D Full Feature and HD Video Comparison

28 Mar

Music by Black Water Rising getitdigital review: This is a new comparison between the Nikon D300s and the Canon EOS 7D. We’ve compared the features, High Definition Video Capabilities, Image Quality, High Speed Shooting and more. We also go over some of the main features. HD Video samples are included. You can read the article and check out more info on our blog:

Please Like, Rate, Comment and Favorite:) It doesn’t really have a story again, like my other vids. but yeh:P This was just put together out of pure boredom. This was filmed on a friday in mong kok with gabrielle salonga and prisca ng. All footage’s were filmed in Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong This collection of video’s were filmed with my Nikon D300s paired with a Nikkor MF 35mm f/2 lens. Song: Over The Pond- By The Album Leaf

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Camera Awesome update sees SmugMug snuggle up to Instagram

28 Mar


SmugMug has updated its popular Camera Awesome iOS app, including the option to share images via Instagram’s photo sharing service. The move comes a week after the popular Hipstamatic processing app added the same capability. So, while the Camera Awesome update includes a series of feature tweaks and the option to buy all add-on filters for $ 9.99 (or the balance, if you’ve already paid for some), the bigger news is that Instagram clearly has photo sharing ambitions far beyond its own apps.

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LowePro, A Camera Bag Company You Can Count On

28 Mar

LowePro, A Camera Bag Company You Can Count On

About 7 years ago I bought my first speciality camera bag. I’d been using a regular backpack to lug my stuff around, but I needed something more targeted for camera gear and so I bought the LowePro CompuDaypack. It was an excellent lightweight bag that was perfect for carrying around my camera, a few lenses and my laptop computer. One of the reasons why I bought the bag from LowePro was because it had a lifetime guarantee. If something has a lifetime guarantee, the quality should be pretty high (assuming that they honor the guarantee).

Over the course of the next 5 years or so I wouldn’t say I abused that bag, but I wore it every single day of my life. It went into abandoned buildings, over fences, through broken windows, up on bridges and roofs and on tons of trips — it went through rain, sleet, snow, deserts, mountains, beaches, everywhere. I’m not your typical weekend shooter and so I’m not sure that any bag could possibly withstand the sort of turmoil I put a bag through. Inevitably the bag began to wear out. When you use a bag like I do this will probably happen to any bag. The fabric literally began to tear apart at the bottom of the bag where I’d set it on the ground over and over and over again.

I loved my LowePro though. It was perfect for me. I liked it so much that I bought another LowePro as my next bag purchase. This time a bigger bag to accomodate even more lenses, the CompuTrekker Plus AW. I had more to carry around and needed something even more robust for my photography adventures.

Probably the biggest vulnerability on any bag is the zipper. After about 2 years, the zipper on my CompuTrekker Plus AW went out. Disappointed, I decided to send my bag back into LowePro to see if it could be repaired. Since I was mailing them my new backpack anyways, I thought I’d also through my old CompuDayPack bag in as well and see how well LowePro honored their lifetime guarantee on their bags.

To my surprise after sending both bags into LowePro they sent me back two brand new bags. I don’t think they make the CompuTrekker Plus AW anymore so instead they replaced it with one of the best bags that they make, the Lowepro Pro Runner 450 AW. They also sent me a brand new CompuDaypack.

When a company stands behind their products and honors their lifetime guarantee like this, I think it’s only fair to write up a blog post on them as a satisfied customer and share an example of excellent customer support with the rest of the world. Not only does LowePro make great camera bags, but they stand by their product even when someone puts it through the sort of workout that I do.

Thanks, LowePro!

Thomas Hawk Digital Connection

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Fashion, Passion and History: Hand in Hand

25 Mar
Yves Saint Laurent and Model Karen Mulder. Photo by: Helmut Newton

All three of these are fundamentals needed in fashion photography. Yet these are often missed or overlooked by new photographers in the field or those fresh out of school. I’ll never forget my first photography class, we were asked to to give a reason why we decided to pursue fashion photography.  Many students couldn’t come up with a reason. The most common one was “oh fashion photography seems cool”, or “I get to shoot beautiful models and do whatever I want”. Needless to say after the first three weeks into our semester half the class dropped out after finding out that fashion photography isn’t all that meets the eye. A lot of hard work goes into making that ever so perfect image which master photographers make seem all too easy .

Photo by: Helmut Newton

To me it’s very important for young fashion photographers to be aware of the work of their predecessors and also study the impact that such work can have on our field today. Great artists and photographers often refer back to their mentors and famous images that helped shape their creative eye. Fashion is ever so changing and so is fashion photography,  many new photographers I talk to give me blank stares when I mention names such as Horst P. Horst, Avedon or Newton. It always baffles me when young photographers don’t know the work of such masters and the fact that their work helped shape the very field we all want to work in. Avedon brought movement to the pages of fashion magazines which were so posed and stiff before he came along and Helmut, well, Helmut brought out the kink and free spirit in everyday fashion. Being knowledgeable about such work and photographers in my opinion helps greatly in shaping and molding a brand new photographer. After all,  how can we move forward in a medium where everything has been done at least once already?

Photo by: Paolo Riversi

The historical aspect aside , fashion photographers should love fashion! Live it, love it, and dream about it. I mean why else would you want to be a fashion photographer? You can always find photographers such as Mario Testino and Patrick Demarchelier front row during fashion week. These photographers shoot countless fashion spreads and editorials, and they immerse themselves in every aspect of it and it shows in their work. Fashion photographers have to be aware of a lot of things; you’re photographing garments that need to grab the viewer’s attention, you need to know how to photograph them well and may even have to lend your eye in styling them to make an image. Even Paolo Roversi has occasionally styled his own editorials!  Obviously, a strong background in fashion is a must for this. It’s not something I wish on anyone, but there will always be one of those days where you need a stylist and the only person that can come through is you, so you better know how to put an outfit together !

Mario Testino at Burberry Fashion Show. Photo by: Chris Jackson

The point I’m trying to make here is that many new and upcoming photographers seem to lack a strong background in the history of and passion for fashion photography and it shows in their work. How else are you supposed to stand out in an industry where anyone who has access to a camera pretty much calls themselves a photographer?

This post was written by William David Walsh who is a Fashion Photographer based in San Francisco.

Fashion Photography Blog – A Resource for Fashion Photographers, Created by One.

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