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3D anaglyph movie- Graceland Graveyard, Chicago

30 Apr

This video was video taped with two identical Canon Power Shot A710’s. A home made slide mount/rail was used with a lens camera separation distance of 10″. The video was processed using the following freeware: “any video converter”, “super build.23” and “stereo movie maker”. Pinnacle “Studio 10” was used to edit the final movie. To properly view this presentation, you need to use special 3D glasses with the left eye (red) , the right eye (cyan) color. You can get free paper glasses at:
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A few examples of my Anaglyph photos which I took using an ordinary Cyber-shot Sony digital camera without any special 3D lens attachments. I employed the “cha cha” method of taking a photo, and then just moving slightly left or right and then taking the photo again. Later you combine the two images with a freeware program like as “stphmkre.exe”, or any other such program, for the blended 3D anaglyph. That’s all there is to it. Have fun! PS – You will need Red/Blue Anaglyph Glasses to properly view these. You can find them on the internet for under a dollar a pair. You can also sometimes purchase them at your local comic book or toy store.
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3D Film Trailer 1.5: Waterside (red cyan anaglyph)

29 Apr

Anaglyph 3D Movie Trailer, 3D Nature-Documentary not shown in cinemas just here at tube, latest 3D Film Production sample, put on (red/cyan or red/blue or red/green Glasses). more 3D-Videos Datenschutzerklärung / Privacy
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Image Retouching – Part 1

29 Apr

This is the first in a series of tutorials that shows image retouching techniques in Photoshop CS3 using the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush tools
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7 April, 2010 – Constructing the Composition: Angkor Wat

29 Apr

Our new columnist, Art Wolfe, provides us today with an essay titled Constructing The Composition: Angor Wat.


The Apple iPad arrived this weekend along with the Easter Bunny and chocolate eggs. Rabbits and eggs are pagan fertility symbols that have somehow become intertwined with the Christian holiday, but there was something of an appropriate irony in Apple choosing this particular weekend to launch the iPad, since it is in many ways a harbinger of things to come.

I’ve been becoming familiar with mine for the past few days and continue to believe that it’s going to be a game-changer, especially for professional photographers, because of what it implies for the publishing industry. Print media will never be the same again.

There are also some new iPad specific apps that are either paticularly cool, or that may appeal to nature and landscape photographers, and one of these that I quite enjoy is Emerald Observatory.

Whether you’re an astronomy buff, a time freak, or a photographer looking for information about sunrise and sunset times, as well as the moon’s phase and position, Emerald Observatory will be the best .99 cents that you’ll spend this week.


The Luminous Landscape – What’s New

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3D Glasses – 3D Stereoscopic Anaglyph Video (not yt3d)

29 Apr

Please note this 3D glasses stereosopic animation is free to download and use for non-commercial stereo 3d video projects. This video requires red blue (red cyan) 3d glasses for viewing. Find out more at Get other FREE Stereoscopic 3D Birthday Cards, 3D Videos andother 3D goodies now from For more info on Enhanced Dimensions: Contact us on +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on Vimeo The Stereoscopic 3D Channel TESTBED on Vimeo +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Built and tested in Adobe After Effects to be viewed with Red Cyan 3D Glasses (Red Blue 3D Glasses). A 3D Stereoscopic Production for Enhanced Dimensions by Andrew Murchie.
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If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to have a lot of angry zombies trying to grab hold of your supple flesh, now is your chance! This is Valve’s Left4Dead in stereoscopic 3D. While equally playable on NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision and iZ3D driver solutions, this video was captured using DDD Tridef Ignition stereoscopic 3D drivers with the PC version of the game. Stereoscopic 3D is the same tech used in 3D movie theaters, but now in the home with gaming!
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Snowfall Timelapse | Nikon D300 with 16mm f3.5 fisheye lens

29 Apr

February 22, 2010 from 2:51pm to 7:40pm. One frame taken every 3 seconds on my Nikon D300 with a Nikon 16mm f3.5 fisheye lens. Sped up to 1 frame every 6 seconds in Adobe Premiere. This is a photo of the setup:
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an ode to the normals

29 Apr

Ah, the humble normal lens… in a day and age where all the glory goes to the 70-200/2.8s and the ultrawides, it is easy to overlook the humble elegance of the unassuming normal.  Traditionally the 50mm in 35mm terms, but may vary depending on format.

The normal is small, light, fast, sharp and versatile.

It does portraits, it does landscapes, it does street, event, low light…

Need to get in closer? take a step forward.  Need to get  wider? take a step back.   Unlike many other focal lengths the normal is almost chameleon-like in it’s ability to adapt itself to different situations, rendering tightly framed shots as well as “wider” with equal aplomb.  (yes I know the actual focal length and field of view don’t change, I refer only to it’s apparent versatility in framing).

In fact, I would estimate probably 75% of my shots overall are taken with a normal lens (50mm on my Nikon, 20mm on my gf1, 75mm on my Mamiya).

The normal lens has a long and influential life in the history of photography.  Many of the seminal images of the 20th century were made with the 50mm.

There is a kind of “Zen Like” simplicity to shooting with a normal as well – maybe it has something to do with the fact that it approximates the normal human field of view, but previsualizing the shot becomes almost unconscious.  As if one of the barriers between concept and image just falls away…

And then there’s the beautiful, beautiful depth of field.  Opening up to f/1.4 (or more!) just creates a whole new world of depth of field effects.

Of course the normal is not a *replacement* for your zoom – especially a telephoto or ultrawide, but if you’re a zoom shooter primarily, give it a shot – spend a couple of weeks with just a normal on your camera.  You might just find it addictive…

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Jungle Gym – funny animation

28 Apr

Visit for more Animation and Cartoons. Even animals can be self-conscious about their weight. Animation by David Badgerow Follow me facebook: MySpace – Twitter – If you liked this animation, don’t forget to subscribe, you know you want to .
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Visit for more Animation and Cartoons. Be cautious, this is a big cube with a red button that changed the life of an unsuspecting passer by. Animation by Zack Mathew see his portfolio on Aniboom If you wanna chat with me: facebook – MySpace – Twitter – Blog – If you liked this animation, don’t forget to subscribe, you know you want to .
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Rain – Nikon D300 CF (Cambodia)

28 Apr

Rain’s latest NIKON D300 CF shot in Beautiful, Mystical & Historical Cambodia in Feb 2008 source : Benamoo credits :
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Download best videos for Photoshop and Illustrator

28 Apr

Download tutorials from It is very hard to find good program for learning Photoshop and Illustrator, Mastering CS provide huge program of tutorials which can lead to the deepness core of Photoshop and Illustrator. Improve your knowledge and improve yourself with Mastering CS.

Part 4 of a 5 Part editing series going through a complete Beauty Retouch covering: Removing blemishes, enhancing eyes, skin retouching, enhancing eyelashes, adding hair highlights, enhancing makeup and extending the neck. Part 4 covers: Enhancing Eyelashes & Hair Highlights
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