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Nikon D40/D60 Battery Grip Review [HD]

25 Sep

Hello, During this video I will be showing the Targus BG-D40 Battery Grip for the Nikon D40,D40x, and D60. This is a great battery grip, I bought this because Nikon doesn’t carry a battery grip for the D40,D40x, and D60. The only problem that I see with this grip is that it acts like a remote when using the Vertical Shutter, and when shooting there is no halfway point on the button so it tries to focus REALLY fast. Other than that I love the feel of the grip and how much more battery it adds. There is some weight added on, but it’s good weight. If you would like to buy this grip, heres the link,
Video Rating: 5 / 5

James Banfield of Nikon talks about the D60 at the PMA – The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations show, 2008.


Negotiating for photographers

25 Sep

One of the issues that always comes up for emerging photographers is dealing with contracts and negotiation.  Let’s face it – most of us are more “artist” than “businessman”.  we just want to make pictures and leave the legalese to someone else. 

Of course the reality is that to be a successful *artist* you must be a successful *businessman* as well. 

Go to any photography forum on the web and you will invariably find questions such as “how do I make a contract/terms for such and such a job?” or “the client sent me this crazy contract to sign, what do I do?”

In this piece, Bill Cramer of Wonderful Machine, Inc shows an actual contract negotiation he had with an editorial client, including exchanges, contracts and revisions.   This is a fantastic read for any photographer and a perfect example of how to do it right.  In particular, notice how he responds to the disagreement in contract terms – guiding the exchange to a mutually satisfactory agreement, rather than stonewalling and confronting. 

This is great stuff folks!

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Internet People! – The Meth Minute 39

24 Sep

An animated tribute to the internet people of the world, wherever you may be. Animated by Dan Meth, with music by Dan Meth and Micah Frank. Find out more at: Call the Meth Minute hotline 1-866-575-1384
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Visit for more Animation an Cartoons. Curious caveman helps a dinosaur Created by Ernesto Bottger Follow Aniboom facebook: MySpace – Twitter – If you liked this animation, don’t forget to subscribe, you know you want to .


The Flower

24 Sep

The Flower contrasts a utopian society that freely farms and consumes a pleasure giving flower with a society where the same flower is illegal and its consumption is prohibited. The animation is a meditation on the social and economic costs of marijuana prohibition.
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Nikon D90 Digital SLR Camera

24 Sep

Nikon D90 digital SLR reviewed by Crutchfield.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

yup me again i think this is my last cam less nikon sends me something
Video Rating: 3 / 5


nikon d90 (with HD video)(first look)

24 Sep

See and buy my photos at: Review of the nikon d90. I talk about the new features the d90 offers over the d80. the d300 is used in the video. If your an advanced photographer or are a photographer who needs a new upgrade the d90 just might be your camera.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


Nikon D300 Walkthrough Add-on 3/3

24 Sep

Information I missed or didn’t cover well enough in the menu walk through. Contents: Mirror up: Begin exposure after the mirror is up for a while (reduce vibrations) Bulb exposrue: Take very long exposures, over 30 sec. Single Focus Area Useful for AF-S and AF-C Full Auto useful for AF-S only Dynamic Area 9, 21, 51, 51-3D useful for AF-C only Note: To see the area that was focused on in image review go to playback menu to Display mode to Focus Point
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MTBS-TV, Modern Stereoscopic 3D Gaming History, Part V

24 Sep

Would you believe that stereoscopic 3D gaming on console started out with foot in mouth disease? Learn how things REALLY got started, and how a slip of the tongue could very well have launched the industry as we know it. This video talks about everyone include Blitz Games Studios, Epic Games, Sony, Xbox, and more. Visit and http to learn more about stereoscopic 3D gaming. Visit for a list of compatible 3D games.

This clip was shot to illustrate the effect that most people associate with 3D – negative parallax – that of an object or person reaching out beyond the screen. You’ll forgive my rather intense look – I’m concentrating on the video camera feedback monitor to make sure the grabber doesn’t reach outside the frame. You’ll notice it does though – watch how this spoils the illusion momentarily as the grabber breaks the stereoscopic window. We’ll be showing you how to carefully produce this astonishing effect for yourselves very soon. In the meantime our demo clips are of this sequence so have a go for yourself at setting the screen depth and seeing how this varies the effectiveness of the grabber.


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3D floating arm [anaglyph, need glasses] JAWS 3 3-D

24 Sep

Image better on small screen. Use red blue glasses.

After seeing James Cameron’s Avatar in 3-DI was so amazed that I started doing some experiments with 3-D film. This video requires Anaglyph glasses to work.
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Green and blue

23 Sep

Green and blue, originally uploaded by Suzie Williams.

Catchy Colors Photoblog

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